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LoL Narull, do u still paint your body in stuff? What? Not even chocolate and cream for that angry jealous GF of yours ;)?
Stonys Joysword
(Female Monk)!feg!YbaYYZ
4/6 runes not unlocked until 40+
Passives SUCK
But at least I got a semi-viable monk.
And here she is.

May not play her much for a couple of weeks though.
Step 1: Hollystine Graveltoes (Female Gnome Barbarian), so HOLLYSTINE

Step 2: 5 = Wizard [the randomiser seems to like 5 more than anything else it seems]

Step 3:
Mouse Skills
Primary Spectral Blade Thrown Blade primary
Secondary Arcane Orb Obliteration secondary
Action Bar Skills
Defensive Frost Nova Deep Freeze 1
Force Blizzard Grasping Chill 2
Conjuration Magic Weapon Venom 3
Mastery Mirror Image Duplicates 4

Passive Skills
Critical Mass
Temporal Flux
Glass Cannon

Just in case there will be an agreed challenge that's my unfortunate roll :(

Somehow doubt would make it to the 57 needed to have all those skills set.
This sounds interesting, I may give this a try when I have more free time. Although the only class I know how to play reasonably well is a monk.
Challenge accepted.

I rolled a female Wiz named Stoella

The build will be this...!Wcb!cZZZZY

This is going to be fun, I'm yet to stuff around properly with a wizard in SC or HC.
Only 60s I have are a WD and a DH (as of yesterday)

I'm also going to try for no AH, but should I be able to sell on AH or not use it at all?

Edit: I also had a total of 6,219 gold in my stash already but no items other than the gold

Edit again: My prediction, not even the start of Act III Normal
'K... I'm in then I guess.

Norhorn Smilebeard, male monk.!YUW!aYZYbb

Going to be hard... given most skills don't even unlock until mid-to-late teens. Build complete at L47.
Umm... I'm guessing I'll get to around 30ish.
Is anyone still doing this? I'm finding it fun to have a break from faming and enter the realm of perma death. heres an update on the char. Not far yet.

managed to pass Belial (was freaking out when his poison bombs started going off without having crystal shell to use), a few cheap tricks on the AH managed to keep me safe tho.
I accept your challenge!!SUW!YZYZbY

This is the barbarian spec I rolled >.<

I actually think it might be doable!
I hope people do this! I mean it is fun, I've been spending too much time alt hoping and getting distracted by things>.<
@Narull - ANZ Diablo III MVP - The Most Valuable Poster program info
There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
i went and did a random build, end up with!cZU!cbZZZb

but like...... i have no slots left on my account!
09/07/2012 12:55 AMPosted by seansky
but like...... i have no slots left on my account!

Same boat here AND
still no follow-up to post 17 or response to my post 24.
09/07/2012 02:16 AMPosted by Asmodeus
but like...... i have no slots left on my account!

Same boat here AND
still no follow-up to post 17 or response to my post 24.

I made mine on Asia server.
09/07/2012 02:19 AMPosted by smurfynz
I made mine on Asia server.

That's fine but for me to partake the ground rules have to be agreed by everyone and there has be be a "start-line", ie all who partake start on the same day.
Ideally, the char should be rolled only then & by someone who does not partake or is trusted by everyone - all this to make it a real challenge and not just some plodding along from time to time.
Too much fun not to try.

Male Monk -0!Tag!ZbYbZY

By the name of Riclamin Darkeyes - Let's see how we get on.
Update on my witch doctor. about half way through act 1, still alive, but as of the last cpl of days, my ISP is giving us real shoddy internet. so until it clears up somewhat, i'll be leaving it alone.
I like this idea. gave me a Demon hunter, and my build is!XVZ!cacYbb

Name: RandomRonica
This is Aliiries, Female Demon Hunter!VWa!aYcYcY

Have already unlocked one skill/ rune combo and don't even have a second skill yet :)
We shall see if I survive, never done HC before.

Female Wizard named Aliella Silverkin!daU!bccccY
09/12/2012 07:23 AMPosted by Mordala
We shall see if I survive, never done HC before.

"if" is the wrong word, replace with "how long" :)
Great ideal Narull! :)

What is the furthest level anyone has made it so far in this random hardcore challenge?

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