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Name: Kevlamin
Class: Barb

My first HC toon and I'll see how it goes! Should be exciting.
Name: Foechuckle (sweet name!)
Gender: Male
Class: Monk (seem to always role 3)
MP: 2

Not a bad build considering I get tail kick and deadly reach so early

Name: Calene
Gender: Female
Class: Demon Hunter
Monster Power: 3
Follower: Enchantress!!1111

Thought this challenge looked like fun, rolled this up on Shantalya's site.
Sucks to wait for skills, but I'm level 7 now and just killed Mira Eamon.
Hoping to reach at lest 10 to get achievement, this is my first HC Char

P.S Anyone else happy about not having to agonise over what skills to use?
Janstina Carter
Female Barb
See what happens lol
Got a male Barb, named Sermak (what a great name!)
And already wrestled down the skeletton king only with cleave (no runes). Took me about 5 min LOL

Here is my skill set:!TeX!YacbcY

Now he is 10, next skill comes with 12 (seismic slam).I give him until the butcher, then I think it will be "Barbarian Barbeque" ;-)
Calene died at level 11 clipped into a summoning pillar and surrounded by skeletons with only base attack R.I.P

Ill try again with

Name: Omaniron
Gender: Male
Class: Demon Hunter
Monster Power: 8
Follower: Templar

Another damn Demon Hunter.
Higher MP but at least I don't have to wait long for skills
Name: Milo
Gender: Male
Class: Witch Doctor
Monster Power: 2
Follower: Scoundrel!0000

No Crit buff from Scoundrel, but the build I got seems half decent.
Name: Brenys
Class: Wizard (Female)
Follower: Scoundrel!1111

I'm at level 5 and I'm only going to have Frost Nova and a crossbow for 10 more.
I think I got quite fortunate with my monk: (I chose her name though)
But here is her build:!UTa!ccaabZ
Heard of this a long time ago but never went for it.. till now.

Name: Gracesaadi
Class: Demon Hunter (female)
Monster Power: 3
Follower: Templar

I really like the build but I guess I have to play without runes for the most part.
Name: Nerisrath
Class: Barbarian (female)
Monster Power: 3
Follower: Scoundrel,!0100!0000

Haven't played a barb yet. Build looks fine to me, except that I have nothing until leap at level 8. Should be fun!

Name: ArarathNC
Sex: Female
Class: Barbarian
Follower: Scoundrel!0111!0010
We shall see how this goes. Just looking over my build, it seems that I got lucky with a fair bit of synergy.
Have had a lot of trouble with reliable internet and been working a lot for a while, so haven't been able to dedicate much time to my random challenge char, but the last week or so I've been playing her again . . .

Unfortunately, Justalyne has entered the hall of fallen heroes at level 57, slain by a rare Grim Wraith (waller, horde, fast)

her build was:!ZTb!cZYcYc

I will have to try this again soon, it was an interesting challenge
Rest In Peace

Pender, Monk Level 45

Slain by an Accursed in the Desolate Sands, Nightmare difficulty, MP 2
while trying to get some space away from a unique with hoard and damage reflection.

This challenge is really fun!

Trying again with
Mirayam, Female, Demon Hunter
MP 3
Follower: Templar!eYU!aYYbac

Well I will see how far she gets...

.... Update....

Sense the release of 2.0.2

Rechecked build and adjusted to new skills, playing on Normal Difficulty as MP no longer exists.

Currently above level 40, working through act 3, and loving loot 2.0

As of when she hits level 60, dies or R.o.S. hits I will be taking her off the random build as it is incomplete. Will probably check back here and start a new Random Hard Core Character after the
Release of R.o.S. in order to play a character with a complete build.

Thanks this is a fun Challenge.
Still kicking:

No longer kicking. Died to lag today in a fight that was only like 3 guys.......
Challenge Accepted!ZbV!ZaZaZb

Another Monk but on MP3
2014 Thread Revival!

Challenge Accepted.

Cecelia the Barbarian


Good part of the build? Lots of AoE damage and Leap mobility

Bad part of the build? No damage mitigation/healing
Just saw this thread.

Keen to have a try.

I got Acele

Skills -!fVTZ!aYbZbc

Should be interesting
I died in post #480 and was waiting for the randomized character site to reflect the changes that Reapers of Souls brought in. Shantalya did a great job on that site (see top of post #1 for link) and has updated it.

Boy was I lucky, look at what rolled for me (yes, another WD):

Witch Doctor
Name: AuchforNC (added NC for Narull's Challenge to separate it from my other HC characters)
Gender: Male
Class: Witch Doctor
Difficulty: Hard
Follower: Templar

I will play at "Hard" but may increase it later on (for even more of a challenge).
- Style of play: Narull's Challenge with my Iron-man rules as well, thus: only play solo, only use gold found, no Blacksmith (thus no whimseyshire), no Jeweler except to remove gems and I can only use the gems that I find, no buying from in game merchants (except for dyes), no trade, no other character items or potions, self-found only, no use of paragon points.
- Can use Adventure mode but only when character level 70 is reached, may use Kadala at this time as well. May farm areas for gear and experience. Can use Mystic (with gold found but can't use Jeweler so therefore can't update rings and amulets because won't have Flawless Imperial gems).
- Blog: Level 10 and even though I don't have the dog skill, I get that first passive that spawns WD is saving my skin (that and grasping hands). Level 11 gave me my primary toad attack so now I have to wait until level 14. Level 19 and now have both Gargantuan and Templar; now I'm rockin'!
- Present level as of edit date: 26.5

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