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Playing it right now, pretty impressed so far, but only level 16. Seems like a more true sequel to Diablo 2 than this game. Anyone else?
I liked it other than that silly barter system they implemented.

I assume it was to prevent gold sellers, of course it will be completely ineffective, they'll just sell the barter items.

I'm not so sure. Most of the barter items are just a RNG chance at improvement. There's no guarantee that modifying your gear will make it better. Would you pay real money for a chance at making your gear worse?
I played it for a while (got in to beta before you had to start paying to make sure you got in), and well... meh is about all I can really say about it.

The game play to me felt old and outdated, the graphics looked like they were not really done by a professional and the repetitiveness of it all really had me want to pull my hair out. Which is odd since I didn't mind the repetition in D2.

I also didn't really like the bartering system, I prefer there to be economies in the games that I play be it single player or games like PoE where it's multiplayer massive whatever.

Yeah I see what they are trying to do with it to lessen gold farmers but eventually there will still be items that are most wanted and which get sold by the gold sellers for real money.
Game is solid.
Yeah really enjoying it gave up on d3 1 month ago and concentrated on PoE more and more as time went on. Loving it patches happen things change game gets better. I feel good about getting my bronze supporter pack as i could get 2 friends to play and they both love it as well.

I persoanlly like the Barter system as the items have value therefore taking them out of the game when used lessining inflation etc. Stops farmers etc cool whatever more interested in the differecnt dynamics.

Been playing it for about 4 months now and the graphics are getting polished each time also as you get further into it the g ame got better for me.

Maybe not for everyone but i like the way it does not hold your hand and it actually feels like a challenge at times and thats in normal diffuculty.

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