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Hi, request your help to suggest what skill is best for mine current gear, or what eq to upgrade, currently low in money.... around 2m. Will continue to farm

Your equipment is plenty good enough to beat Diablo. I had WAY worse gear when I did it, with less than 20K DPS and worse health/defenses.

The key to beating Diablo with your stats is to damage him as much as possible with WotB and keep away from him until your cooldown is over. It's a little tedious, but gets the job done. If you just face tank him without moving, he'll kill you. Also, DON'T get caught by the floor spikes, especially in phase 3. They'll take you down to a sliver of health.
@ Devil spawn, just because you can't figure out how to play the build dosn't mean I got you bad gear. I've had people beat the game with WAY worse gear than I got you. If you want your money back I'll glady give it to you for the gear I got you and I can give it to someone else who can actually use it. I increased your AR a TON, that was your biggest problem, and your HP is above always is when I gear people. I will take your gear, and beat D with it, just to prove to you that you need to learn how to play before blaming me.

@ everyone, the gear you see in his profile is the gear I got him, except his boots I believe, he hasn't changed anything else. You can all see for yourself its plenty good.
Hi @Ender had a quick look at his gear sounds like a fairly good job for 6mill. His build is missing WoTB main problem at the moment. Looks to me like a game skills problem now on his end.
You can lead a horse to water....
Lol too true
Hey Ender, caught this thread and immediately I saw results. Now I'm actually able to survive against champion packs and beat Diablo 2nd try, wicked stuff.

One question though, I'm trying to replace my current weapon with an Axe/Hammer but can't find anything that fits my preferred price range. For a 2h, what stats should I be prioritizing for a budget 2h and what damage area should I be looking into? I've been going for 1100+ but that hasn't been working out for me, but I don't want to go down to 1k if I don't have to.
Hi ender.. i'm just wondering.. what's the purpose of salvaging level 60 blues to get essences? will i end up earning more gold that way that simply selling the blues?
I believe at the current rate yes? Not sure though, check it out for yourself.

saw this and just chiming in a bit. if i remember to, before each run, i check the AH for exquisite essence prices. the last time i saw (Sunday PM, Hong Kong time), they were only going for about 500 gold each. i've seen them at 2k each in their hay day. so that's when i'm sure a lot of people made a LOT more gold per run.

so now, what i do is i salvage blue items, that are iLvl 61 and higher and ONLY if their vendor price is way less then the current exquisite mats prices (don't forget the 15% you give to blizz). it's a bit tedious, but if you really want to make sure you make most from your runs. lol (thoug you can argue time is money as well). i've realized you need iLvl 61 to get best chances for exquisite mats. with 60's i've sometimes gotten the lower level mats and they don't sell for much at all on the AH. and then i vendor the rest when vendor price >>> mat price

(remember, according to patch notes, in 1.0.5 salvaged mats will be according to the req. level for each item)

hope this helps. lol.
Ender is good, with your gear and stats u should be able to farm Act 3/4 easily.
I beat diablo at the end of 1.03 with 20k dps, 800 AR, 8-9k armor as a S&B.
Learn to play.
From a modest and humble beginning using my AH knowledge to help others after I became utterly bored with the game, to the VIP list, to where I am now, a skilled artisan of gearing barbarians (getting to build my dream barbs for hundreds of millions of gold!), I have loved it all. Unfortunately I do not have the time I wish I did to gear everyone I wish I could. I feel I've done my fair share of community service and its only fair I make my living at my skill.

However, players with low budgets REJOICE I SAY! For now this artisan has taken on an apprentice! After a two hour Skype call giving him a detailed course in my trade methods, game mechanics and stat valuation, I now proclaim that REZIC is ready to follow in my footsteps and begin as I once did, gearing those with little money FREE OF CHARGE! You can find his page here:
Edit: I think I may have confused litnay with a diff ring, sorry...
I need advice. I have 50 mil gold to spend on my barb and I am wondering 2 things.

Now that you guys have played PTR, should I wait to buy new gear or just buy now ?

How do you guys work out how much you will spend on each piece? Do you say 10 mil for weapon, then divide the rest by however many slots remain?
Hey i was wondering if you could give me some tips on my Hardcore barb, I've been comparing her gear to yours and obviously you have a lot more damage stats and less defensive stats.

I don't want to drop much defense but i need to gain a lot of damage, what would you say i need to upgrade most?
Sorry man but your build and the gear you bought for me for 6M+ sucks dude. I've tried every way possible to kill Inferno D using your suggested skills and since they don't work after 10 deaths tried using other variations of skills and passive trying to get thru the game.

Barely increasing my damage, health way below 50K when I had 52K before getting regeared. Dude I wish you would have told me you didn't feel like it at that time, were busy or didn't want to do it, whatever so I didn't have to blow my coin.

I knew something might have been a problem when you were only gone 3 minutes max and came back with a complete new set of gear. There's no way to get 13 new items that quickly and have them be the best for the price.

I've seen and heard wonderful things done for tons of others out there. My advice, make real sure Ender has time and will take the time to get the best gear for your budget. 6M I should be geared a lot better IMO than I am when it was stated in these threads that 1-2M would be enough to cheap gear someone to finish the game. I've seen others here who spent less than 6M that got much higher HP, DPS, etc.

Sucks man I waited 4 weeks to finally get an upgrade and instead of rolling thru 3 & 4 had to work my a s s off to get thru it dieing 25 - 30 times in the process....and no I don't stand in fire waiting for death. And now completely stuck at the end on diablo and co.

Don't take my current profile as the reason why it aint happening...I did the Frenzy, WOTB, IP, WC, Iron Leap, Rend, with the Ruthless, WM, TaN passives died too many times before trying others like swapping out WeaponsM for other defensive passive....nothing is working to get past D.

No offence I did inferno diablo solo with only 19k dps.
It could be your shadow clone that hits you like a truck due to your 50k DPS but I think it could be your skills.

Anyhow it was way before I started changing my gear to what we see now.

Frenzy Side Arm
Leap Iron Impact
Revenge Provocation
WOTB Insanity
Ignore Pain Iron hide
War Cry impunity

Nerves of Steel, Weapon Master and Tough as Nails.
It was long but a good fight.

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