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Hey Ender, Whats your opinion on Weapon throw barbs? I think I do quite well, but my gear is not perfect. Do you think I would be able to do 1.05 content? I was kinda thinking about selling all my gear and re gearing up as a different spec and maybe saving gold in the process but idk really.
Weapon throw barbs are amazing if geared properly.
Ahhh that sucks man, goodluck getting back on! Can't wait to hear from you
Do you think you can check my gear out? Im just looking for an opinion on either stay the way I am or sell gear and change my build. My priority is to be able to do the new 1.05 content when it comes out if I even can.
Thank you for your help yesterday Ender. I did all of A3 with 4 deaths last night, and those were because I got greedy and was getting used to the new build/gear!
Hey Ender, thanks again for your help last night. I'm now able to farm act 3 relatively easily. Guys, if you're thinking about enlisting Enders help I wouldn't hesitate. The transaction was very quick and simple. My only regret is that I didn't get Enders help sooner.
Ender, I need help. I have a budget of 50 million gold, I was hoping you can regear me to SnB with 120-200MF. Hit me up! I also add you ingame. Thanks.
My turn. I am in MF gear and do not have any trouble farming any act. I am aware I have lower resists and hp but as a throw barb its very rare for me to get hit unless its a ranged pack, in which case they die to WotB before my IP wears off.

However, I would still appreciate a critique of my gear and upgrade suggestions where you see I need them most.

I have a better amulet for when I'm not doing MF runs.
I need shoulders with vit/%life
All of my gear COULD be upgraded.

what I am trying to find out is your opinion of what peices you think need it the most and what to replace them with. I do have over 100mil.

Also, If you are interested in somebody to help work with throw barbs on a budget or more expensive builds as well I'd be happy to assist.
Just served me. He is so fast and down to the point.

Within 15 mins I went from being owned in act 2, to farming act 4. He is very good at this.\
My character is very well rounded now, I can't thank you enough man. TY TY TY!
Please review me. what act can i farm?
How much gold would you recommend I save up for me to be able to efficiently farm Act 3?
@ marzera - The more the better. It all depends on what u mean by efficiently.....
So i gave ender a huge task. I gave him 600m gold and said build me a barb. Not only did he build me an amazing barb but he also did it with class and style. For starters he took the time to break down the build, stats and why he was buying each piece. He built an amazing set and what might be the most impressive part, it took mere days. I can not recommend enders service with any higher respect. Big budgets should definitely let ender work his magic
Hello I added you as a friend. I have a 100mil to spend.
@ Devil - The patch is a buff to players, not a nerf. Players who choose to use the same builds (with defensive passives) will be buffed, not nerfed. You are forgetting to remember that monster damage is reduced by 25%. Add me in game and link me the ring when I'm on to price it.
@ Everyone - Rezic got so swamped so quick he is now charge a fee just like me in order to keep the load from being overwhelming.
@Ender also forgot I had this Ik glove not sure if can use

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