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Hello Ender, i have 2.3mill and dont know what to spend it on. it would really help me if i know what direction im suppose to go now. Thanks.
5 mil budget Need help shopping
i read ur guide and bought what i could i only got 60k now but can u tell me if i should change anything? i can farm act 2 easy but i want to start on act 3 with what i got u think i can handle it?
@Valanthe: Thanks for the advice! I'll see what I can find.
Hi Ender,, I just started act3 and am stuck at Ghom. I have a 10.5 mil budget and was wondering if you could help me gear my char up. I'll send a friend request and leave my budget in the comments, thanks!
Hey Ender
Im currenty on act 4 inferno.(Got there because i got in a group for act 3) I am having a hard time soloing act 3 inferno it feels im lacking armor/resist maybe some hp. Im looking to improve my barb VASTLY!...My question is how much gold do I need in your opinion to get those results from your service? Thanks.

EDIT: I Have 8mil gold right now, but gold/money is not a issue..If i have to buy gold I can and will but I just want to know how much you suggest i need to see HUGE improvements in my barbarian...check out my profile and let me know , Thanks.
Hi Ender,

Ding! I'm finally 60! Yay!

Would really appreciate help from veteran barbs out there..

My question is about gearing. I've read your post (and added your BattleTag) so I sorta roughly know what to look out for in gear.. but what about the prices? I have decided to devote about 5m on my barb but I don't wanna go buying overpriced stuff.. Could you offer some advice? Thanks.

Found the link to the ZraveX vids. No idea how I missed them the first time. Manage to get my current gears for 500k.. awesomesauce..

Would appreciate upgrade reccomendations! Thanks again.
Looking to have you do some shopping for me. Hopefully about a 26-27 mil budget plus tip based on how an auction goes. 25 mill at the lowest. Big part of me wants to go 2h but have beem sword and board all the way through inferno. Would likly let you decide based on if any of my gear is worth keeping.

Thanks in advance!
Still struggling with farming act3, guess i need more AR?
hi ender,
im currently on act 3. looking to improve my barb so i could finish the game and possibly farm act 3 using my barb. just have 1.5m to spend on my barb currently thou haha if you have time pls leave comments on how i coul progress.

09/07/2012 06:17 AMPosted by Bison
My question is how much gold do I need in your opinion to get those results from your service? Thank
However much gold you spend will give you benefit.....the more the better, how much u want to spend is up to you.
09/07/2012 06:38 AMPosted by Omanjuju
I have decided to devote about 5m on my barb but I don't wanna go buying overpriced stuff.. Could you offer some advice?
Read my post...or hire me. One of the two

09/07/2012 12:18 AMPosted by native
i want to start on act 3 with what i got u think i can handle it?

Not a chance.
If you are currently awaiting my services please do not start spending gold just because I didn't get to you immediately. I will be with you within 1-2 days, possibly sooner, I have a long list and 100% of people who ask for my help but start spending gold first regret it when I replace the gear they bought for far less.

How do you go about the process? Do I give you the gold and you search out items or you get items and then I pay you plus the bonus payment you require? Im really interested in this due t the massive mistakes buying in the AH in the past. Thanks.
I used to buy the gear out of my own pocket and then trade it to you for gold because I had no reputation. Now after I've been stiffed a few times by noobs who insisted their gear was better before trying the new stuff on, and now that I have a gigantic reptuation: All customers give me gold first, then I buy the items, and give them to you. I give you whatever amount is left over after my cut.
I would just like to praise Ender myself yet again, and give an update as to my situation. I started with a 10m budget and told Ender I wanted to 2hand. Not only was he polite and helped me with a build (I only modify assault with hota for farm, needed the mobility), that I am now able to reliably farm act 3. I highly recommend saving and contracting Ender to help you out if you are having any problems.

Ok man I understand whats up. I wanted to ask you how much i would need to get gear with sockets helm i need 30mil plus or what? Also do i just add you now or when your ready you reach people here?, Thanks again really appreciate what your doing here for all of us.

Edit: I guess what im trying to ask is if i have gear that is socketed do you find gear that is also socketed or do you just get something thats better overall even if its not socketed than what i have. Sorry haha...
Do you only like to buy full gear sets?

Or will you evaluate current gear and say ok I can upgrade these 3 pieces?
Just wanted to say thanks for the guide! I purchased a few updates to my gear particularly focusing on +%life, +damage on ring, adding more str rather than vit, and making sure to look for chest/pants with sockets (even if they had lower base stats). Made it through inferno solo with only a few deaths here and there until the very last level before Diablo (spire 2) when it started getting really hard (need more EHP). Got killed twice fighting Diablo - first time was due to not moving out of lightning fast enough when I was already low (he was down to around 25% in phase 3) and second was just letting myself get too low waiting to use ignore pain. Should be able to finish with a few more attempts but that fight is just so time consuming :-)

One skill I love but don't see used a lot is cleave with rupture - it just takes down packs in no time at all. I jump in with iron impact (which I added to my build after reading your post), rend, and a few cleaves makes the whole group explode.

Thanks again!
Deception5 (Thoro)
ender is major helper spent about 10m on new gear through him. I thought i had decent gear for all i spent on it and a measily 10m he upped my dps by 20k hp by 20k and resists about 75 as well as a boost in armor. dude knows his stuff thanks man.

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