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Hi Ender, I posted a request for help in your previous thread, but it seems like some people annoyed you and I got tossed off your friends list. Could you please take a look at my Barbarian and let me know if you can shop any upgrades for me that will allow me to farm Act 3? (Yes, I know my resists are abysmal...)

I currently have around 1.5M (blew around 3M at AH after you removed me from your list). If you think that's not enough to make a real difference, let me know so I can save up some more.

Lastly, thank you for your efforts to help other players in the community. I'm aware that it must be a mostly thankless job, so I respect that you've become more selective in providing your services.
Just a quick update - yesterday I was stuck on Act III at Ghom; today, wearing my new outfit, I killed Azmodan and Diablo, both on the first attempt. Thanks for a balanced upgrade Ender. (It only took about 15 minutes for him to find this set for me).
First of all, thank you Ender for this awesome effort in helping all the Barbs here! I wished there was someone like you to guide me during the early pre1.0.3 days.

The info you listed here (on first page) were priceless advice for all Barbs. I found them out the hard way after battling hordes of monsters, undead & demons. Now you made it so easy for the newer Barbs. Kudos to you for this great effort! Very professional too if I may add.

I'm just curious, I went from std frenzy/revenge to LOH to Tanky to WW to S&B, but what I found out in the end is dual wield dps + LS Barb simply pawns em all! I can do any Act with ease now.

Then why do I see a preference for S&B here? Just wanted to pick your brilliant & meticulous mind.

PS. I dislike WW too (except for he new volcano build which looks awesome!) but I feel S&B is so not Barb. Lol..
Hey Ender,
If we have already added you in game, we should just wait for you to contact us correct?
Hey, Ender - you said there was a phase 2 in my gearing up, and I lucked out and got (and just sold) my first set item yesterday. Have another 11 million to play with.
09/08/2012 09:33 PMPosted by GingersKill
could you check out my gear and see what I could upgrade please.
I appreciate you reading everything and following all my suggestions, but no need to do it ALL on your own. I have added you and will tell you whats wrong with gear and what to look for but there is to much to go over in a post.
Then why do I see a preference for S&B here?
The simple answer is its cheap to gear, and easy to use. LoH is uber expensive, and so is gearing any barb who looses the 50-80 AR and 1k armor and block from a shield.
Hey Ender,

I like your info you seem like you know your stuff. My main is a wiz, but I just hit 60 with my barb yesterday and put all the gear on him that I was saving from farming with my wiz. I haven't started a certain skill build yet just rolling with what I have been doing. Any tips or comments on my stuff thus far? Oh also, I do not use AH...everything I wear, I find. I know I make it tough on myself, but this is how I enjoy the game. Thanks!
added u
I have learned much from you Ender but I still feel I am missing part of your message. Care to help? I have a budget of 100m. I love 2h but SnB would work too, Let me know if you want to help.

Thank you sir. I will be in game, most of the night working on things. Pst me whenever :)
To every one getting antsy waiting on mr enders help stick it out i know he looks at what you have on in your profile, ive been waiting for a few days and trying to get my budget up, its only 1.5 mil atm and thats not much to work with but i know when i get my turn itll be well worth the wait

Hello. I was wondering if you could help me figure out what i should upgrade next. im kinda stumped, and have no clue what affixes should go where. would greatly help for some info. thanks fellow barb.
Very happy .. underbudget returned the excess money and now walking through a3 like im visting grandma in the woods A++++
Hey, looking at putting down 40m on Sword + Board. Will tip 8 mill, add me in-game.
09/09/2012 07:01 PMPosted by tetraga
Aww, thanks =P
Hey Ender,

Just wanted to update, now have 7 mil total for your services, when you can fit me in. Thanks.
09/06/2012 06:05 AMPosted by Ender
would be looking to change my Chest and Pants. Other than those, which ones would be bang for buck upgrades since I only have 3mil?
I can get you upgrades in EVERY SLOT for that.....

Noted Ender, let me add you when I can, gathering slightly more gold.

If I usually play in group, would the build change? Should I use Maniac rune or change to Bash/Runish?

If I want to fit in rend, should I take out ignore pain or WOTB?
so ender, i added you to with a budget of 2 mill, but now have 8. with the 2 you said you could get me progressing act 3 and facerolling act 2. with 8, where do you think you could put me?

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