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Years back I bought this amazing game out of random from the used aisle on gamestop. (My glory, I was suprised it actually worked from gamestop.) I had bought it because it was cheap, and I felt like playing a new shooting game.

My god. This game was probably the best third-person shooter/platformer I have ever played. From the controls to the gameplay to the enviroments to the sound to the level design; this game had it all. I found myself replaying the campaign over and over to get the "secret chips" and trying new difficulties. The game was hilarious as well.

Have any of you guys played this game in the past? It was made my swingin ape studios back in early 2000, and had no advertising iirc. I hate to say this, but it was "underated" because of its lack of advertisement and lots of games were coming out at that point.

I heard that Swingin ape studios was bought by blizzard entertainment, and before that they were working on a sequel. What happened with that, Blizzard? Maybe I can hope for a blue post to tell us what they did. It was set up for a sequel, in fact, I heard they had a triology planned. A few youtube searches will show you the gameplay if you have never heard of it.

I really hope Blizz has plans for this. Its been like 10 years.
Swingin' Ape was hired to work on StarCraft: Ghost.
I have this on X360 Arcade. I've not played it much, though. I bought it because it was cheap, ages ago, then got distracted by other games.
Play through it. Trust me : you will not regret any second of it minus 1 or 2 levels which can be a pain on hardest difficulty... Play through it on normal, you will be surprised.

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