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I was looking at the different ways to add funds to my account and I see there is still a gift card option. I did some digging and found a post from a blizzard employee back in may saying that gift cards were never made. Does anyone know if they have started making them yet?
I'm not sure. I went grocery shopping today at whole foods and tom thumb and did not see any. I also stopped to check out gamestop, but no luck. I asked the casher and he said to check best buy. I haven't checked yet but I went online at best buy and haven't found it ether.
They have cards. Thats what I used to pre order HOTS because I didn't have a debit card at the time to purchase it online.
gamestop by my house has them so look around they make them
The sales number is (800) 592-5499. You might have better luck asking them directly.

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