Stone of Jordan w/ 7% Energy Twister

Stone of Jordan
+6% Lightning Damage (of 5-6%)
+15 Maximum Arcane Power (of 13-15)
+26% Damage vs Elites (of 20-30%)
Energy Twister Crit +7% (of 2-7%)

can anyone give me an idea of what this is worth? Only 1 guy offered on trading forum and that was 2m.... min soj on AH is 4.2 so.... yeah
Not great, ideal for us SC/CM builds would be +% arcane dmg and + crit to energy twister or explosive blast, so halfway there.

still might get 3-8m for it
I'll give you 5m
Its good... throw it up on the ah with a bid of 5m and a buyout of 35m. It will probably sell at ~ 20m.
Thanks guys!
Why would the +%Arcane damage be better or any different than +%Lightning ? According to this blue post it only benefits physical damage from weapons anyway. Not skills directly like most people seem to think...
want to trade to 90% gem or 6m?
Because energy twisters damage is arcane damage, explosive blast is physical, so if it has a bonus to arcane it's a double benefit for sc/cm
Did you read what the blue said? Doesn't work like you're thinking... It only adds to a weapons physical damage, (+source/mojo and jewelry damage) NOT elemental damage and NOT skill damage.
That's why "BLACK" weapons are so good.
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