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first of all, i would like to know, what's the very BEST way to make gold post 1.0.4?

since the AH is broken to pieces that will not be found anytime soon..

other than farming act3 inferno for drops that sell for a good penny in the AH..
i can only do act1 inferno, and not all of it..

so, i was thinking, would farming for gold using Goldskin be worth it? if so, what's the very best spot?
for gold farming, A3 is good,
on hell?
i can't do inferno yet
on hell?
i can't do inferno yet

Maybe Act 3 Hell because Act 4 is short and by the time you get 5 stacks in Act 4, you could almost be at Diablo, and you don't transfer your stacks in between acts.
on hell?
i can't do inferno yet

yup, i mean hell, i do that with my wiz gold finder :P
great, so now i can start at "Kill Azmodan" use waypoints of "The Keeps Depths", "The Bridge Of Korsikk", and "The Arreat Craters"
then i kill Azmodan and finish act4 including Diablo
that should be a great run!
anybody has anything to add in anyway..?
no point in wasting time in hell mode, the same amount of gold drops in nightmare......which is much easier, therefore much faster.

i have goldskin, legacy depth diggers 6%ms, and legacy unity 6%ms, and 12%ms boots.......24% movement speed, 304% gold find before NV stacks.

takes me 15 minutes to run through heart of sin quest (using teleport - wormhole also) and i net around 170k every 15 mins

wizards have it easy in my opinion using disintegrate - convergence + movement speed + teleport

it is MUUUUUCH more economical to farm this way instead of running inferno act 3 paying repair bills only in HOPES of finding something worthwhile to sell, which usually wont happen

atleast this way your guaranteed a good 500k an hour

edit: btw, start your quest on kill azmodan, then tp back to town, then to arreat crater lvl 1........theres no point in wasting time to kill cydea twice. that just adds time to your farming efficiency
nightmare act3 in the arreat place.
304%? the cap is 300% right?
its bugged atm as far as i can tell, i get closer to 400% after NV stacks. just equipping my GF gear i have 304%

take advantage while you can
There's an internal cap on both MF and GF of 300% + 75% from 5 NV Stack.

Furthermore, you're better off getting a part-time job at minimum wage. $1.50/million gold at, say, $8/hour is 5.33 million gold per hour. That's 21.33 million gold per 4 hour shift.
09/09/2012 11:13 PMPosted by Artair
for gold farming, A3 is good,

I farm act 3 and for some reason I can make 100k more and hour in act 1-2 (might be speed based) than I can in act 3. I get better loot in act 3 though.
09/10/2012 04:57 AMPosted by Atra
There's an internal cap on both MF and GF of 300% + 75% from 5 NV Stack.

again, its bugged. you can go well over 300%gf before NV

here is a SS of my char just equipping my GF set.


run arreat crater on nightmare mode and profit while you still can
umm... I'm trying to farm with gold skin, i wuz wondering how much gold skin is worth in AH and how much gold u can farm in an hour. i was also wondering how much it affects your damage and health? ps. I'm in inferno

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