GAH item sold, did not receive gold

Bug Report
America-SC, I just sold a manticore for 37m before tax and did not receive gold.

order ID: 920409793
Received, thank you.
This occurred again with orderid 955870935 for a skorn for 35m before tax.
Gold received, thank you.
This has occurred again with two rare amulets sold about 12 hours ago - order IDs 1204537669 and 1204529274 for about 5 and 60 million respectively.
Your posting here isn't actually affecting your auctions. They just may take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to process. If they don't complete after that, then the correct procedure is to put in a support ticket, not post in the bug report forum. The ticket creation process even has fields for order ID and timeframe. This article will lead you through the process:

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