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just wow. props, kaho.

have not seen any monks, builds, or posts that have impressed me like yours. thats some revolutionary !@#$ - blows any TR monk/build ive seen on the US/EU forums away.

its hard to believe that is inferno. i tested a fist/shield gear build that allowed me to _almost_ channel indefinitely (base atk speed fist + hellcat would have done it im sure). 100k dps and it didnt feel like i did HALF the damage you do. would you mind elaborating a little bit on the key pieces of gear you're using that make this work? you must be holding an absolute monster in your hand!!!!!
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What sort of DPS do you need to see results like that?

That! I would like to know as well!

If you can post your set up used in the video that would be awesome because that is simply an impressive run.
After watching the videos... yeah, dude, we need to see your profile.
this is all beginning to make sense to me (dmg). you trickster, kaho. i see what you mean by "monks are broken" now.

it's still no easy task to channel TR indefinitely with a fist. im assuming you're using FF, chant of res, ES? i believe i have a good idea of your gear build but i'm curious about the specifics.

spill the beans!!!!!
He's also using templar, so i assume you're using his aura?

Edit: Nvm, templar's aura provides a bonus to spirit generators i guess, not to generation per sec.
i don't think that the Templar's skill affects passive spirit generation...at least not from my testing or my understanding (or the wording of the skill). He affects your spirit generated from primary skills.

i think that we'll need over 100k dps (plus inna's set) to match Kaho's efficiency, where the cyclones proc'ed from his TR kill all the trash mobs for him. Alot of 100k dps monks have in the EU forums have been using MoH/Circular breathing with skorn, but Kaho also worked on his spirit generation on items, which is essential.
ok, the guide has been updated with my final notes and route efficiency tests for 1.04
regarding the permanent TR build, at MP0, you can get a very cheap high dps skorn without life steal and boost xp farming speed considerably. To break 50-60 million xp per hour, you will have to select from the fastest routes only, which are:
- skycrown battlements
- * rakkis crossing
- * keep depths 2
- * arreat creater 2
- tower of the damned 1

but again, this requires an inna set, 2-4 spirit per second from gear, and most importantly, you don't stop except for elites and to 1 shot big enemies.

EDIT: i got rid of OWE and serenity lasts long enough to kill all elites.
ok, i've added a brief section in the beginning to show how anyone can get 50 million xp per hour pretty easily
After a bit of testing, here are a few additional notes, runes and skills that work exceptionally well for the TR Monk to help melt through packs:

Even with 12 spirit per second, i could still not establish a permanent tempest rush, so do not be discouraged if your spirit is 8 to 9.

This is a very good build for TR, using SSS for elites

Deadly Reach / Foresight
- 18% damage buff
This helps to increase all damage types. This should be established before sweeping wind, and refreshed every 30 seconds.

Mantra of Conviction / Submission
- 14% weapon damage per second in the 20 yard area
This ensures that enemies are taking damage before you reach them and after you pass them

Sweeping Wind / Fire Storm
- increases range of SW to 14 yards
This ensures that enemies are taking damage before you reach them and after you pass them

This also works quite effectively:

Breath of Heaven / Blazing Wrath
- 15% damage buff for 45 seconds
An additional damage buff, but as this drains spirit, you would benefit by using serenity instead of SSS and Exalted Soul instead of Fleet Footed (the slightly slower speed actually helps ensure packs are dead as you pass them).
IMPORTANTLY, if 1.07 removes the permanent SW buff from blinding flash, then this will be an important alternative
I'd like to add that if you can find a comparable rare two handed mace or pole you can get away with having less spirit regen or have an easier time managing spirit while tempest rushing. The reason for this is that Tempest rush cost scales off attack speed so if you have a weapon that is a bit slower then skorn you'll actually possibly be able to gain spirit while tempest rushing.
I found it extremely difficult to get enough dps using anything other than a Skorn for these builds to work.

The solution was to switch out my IAS gear (such as lacuni prowlers, amulet, rings, etc) for gear with similar dps that does not have IAS. Of course, Inna set has IAS included, and if you are using the Natalya set, that will also require IAS as well.
UPDATED FOR 1.07...enjoy :)
updated with VotA and CotA farming tips
Thanks for the great information!
Kinda been taken over by Druin in the interim:

COTA guide has been updated again for high MP levels

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Thanks for the great information!

my pleasure

03/19/2013 09:38 AMPosted by BDF
Kinda been taken over by Druin in the interim

I like Druin's guide and appreciate the diversity of approaches that he and i have taken in our builds. Cheers

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