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Everytime I start Diablo 3, I get a little box pop up with,
'An internal error occurred, please restart. If problems persist please contact customer support'
reegzz ,

Are you using any antivirus applications? If so, can you try temporarily disabling them?
what part of the anti-virus do you want me to disable. the system im using has the anti-virus fully integrated..
alright, i just disabled the firewall, still the same.

Is it AVG by any chance? That one has been known to cause this error due to false positives.

Try booting in selective startup once and seeing if the game will launch.
I tried to launch diablo from the disk, and it worked for a moment. Until i clicked on play.
Then i got a windows error message from diablo saying,
'Diablo III was unable to initialize a streaming connection, which is required to
download, patch, and repair files. Please check your connection settings.'
No, Im using McAfee security centre.
Alright, I'll try that.
is that everything with Microsoft Corporation beside it?
tried booting in selective startup. still did not work :(
same error message.

Without knowing a bit more about the circumstances surrounding the issue, I can't do much right now. If it just started, try to think if you've installed any new apps, hardware, or drivers recently. If nothing has changed in the system, consider downloading and running a good Malware scanner like MalwareBytes. Reinstalling the game is an option too.
alright, im just going to delete a few games installed in the last week. then ill download malwarebytes. :)
another thing that may be of some use.. im getting a very similar error from steam when i try and log in

(similar to the error that I got when I launched from the disk)

Could not connect to Steam network.
This could be due to a problem with your Internet connection, or with the
Steam network. Please visit for more info.
nothing found from MalwareBytes.

I would like to re-install Diablo III.

HOWEVER, there is no Diablo III in the Programs/Features list.
Im having this same problem but i have a Mac. anyone know how to fix it on a Mac?
ok ... I'm glad I just found this thread. Even though it's really old ... this is the problem I'm having and I can't connect play D3

Please try what's suggested in this support article please.

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