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There should be an in-game function that allows us to change the appearance of our armor.

In this thread I aim to explain why and how it should be implemented.

So how should this be implemented?

1. Add a 5th tab to the blacksmith interface: Customize Armor. It should look similar to the repair interface. There should be an item slot for the item you want to change, and a drop-down menu to select the item's new appearance.

2. Here's how you do it: You put one of your items in the slot, select from the drop-down menu its new appearance, press the button to pay, and voila!

3. It does not need to be expensive. Inferno dyes cost up to 5000 gold. The cost of changing a single piece of armor should be the same.

4. You cannot make your armor look like a legendary (or a different legendary), one of a higher item level, or one for a different class. It makes no visual sense for a level 10 hero to walk around in Archon armor, for example.

5. Class-specific items or legendaries should also be able to change appearances, provided they meet the conditions in 4.

6. Once put on an auction house or into a trading window, the appearance of the item reverts temporarily to the original.

7. Obviously, only identified items can be changed.

7. Dyes should remain constant throughout.

But why?

Take a look at this:

Each class has at least one hundred unique, three-dimensional, and fully textured armor models. But most players end up using only 18 of them. That is to say, they use only the level 60 items.

That's 72 armor models, per class, practically wasted! Players use them for a couple of hours as they level up, then forget about them once they reach level 60 because they do not provide the stats necessary to survive in Inferno.

Also, most pieces of armor are themed based on level. Items on the same level fit each other visually, and wearing them at the same time just looks cool. That's around 12 different item themes per class that level 60 characters never have a chance to use.

By allowing players to change the visual appearance of their items, these themes will be reintroduced to high-level heroes, and those who do not wish to use them will still have hundreds of new item-combinations to make their heroes look the way they want them to look.
Yes, but without the Calvin and Hobbes reference...
Good idea
Thank you.

Also, legendary items need to be able to be dyed. 8 out of 10 legendary armors reuse awkwardly recolored models anyway, so what's the problem? I like my goldskin - I do not, however, like looking like a mustard bottle.
I think this is a good idea. Whenever I level up i try to find all the pieces of a set just so i can see what it looks like, but in the end only ever use about 5 difference styles. Really sad and wasteful of amazing art design.
This is the non-mechanics related feature that I would most like to see in a future patch. Please comment and like to show your support.
I agree wastedful of amazing design.. I want my female Babarian to dress like movie Red Sonja but my Babarian can't ware it because those armors set are for low level :( If I wear it to inferno level I will be killed.
Please, make this idia happen

By the way I'd love to see my Demon hunter dress in Sylvanas style too.. not a tincan girl walking. :D
I would love it if it works on legendaries...

Mempo of Twilight looks like an absolute JHVCFHICFKHJCKHCKFSJHGFCJSHGCF on a female wizard.
great ideal. some lgdary armor looks stupid
agree all wd's are looking the same zunis/vileward
Please show your support for this idea if you want to see it in a future patch!
I support this idea and have blogged about it. Check it out and tell me what you think:

I even added a quick mockup of how the new Blacksmith tab would look.
I'd like this added as well. If I have to stare at my toon for hours on end I'd like to at least be able to make it look like I want it to look
I support it as well this would be super awesome, as there were tons of great looking monk helms than the casual level 60 ones... Sad to see most of them get wasted in lower levels since people spend most of their time in 60+.

if i can change the appereance of my toon everyday, maybe the game would not be as boring as it is now

i especially dont like monk's archon design
09/12/2012 04:58 AMPosted by TheNoseKnows
Yes, but without the Calvin and Hobbes reference...

it goes boink
YES YES YES.. Fantastic idea. I've been thinking this for months.. so many armor variations never seen because everybody is lvl 60 and paragon-ing, plus the inability to match visual armor types between items without going through the expense of hopefully purchasing one (redundantly, only for the visual)

Searching for good armor in the AH yields all of THREE different designs. BORING!

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