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I was always under the impression the ilvl 63 armor had the "best" (subjective I know) look. But ultimately stats prevailed and I settled for a ilvl 61 chest piece. Turns out it looked "better" (subjective before I get flamed) than the ilvl 63 piece I had used.

At least currently we have dyes. My default is to apply vanishing to shoulders, because despite monks being monks, still gotta look good. :]

But yes, +1 for changing armor appearance. And Blizz, do it soon. /Looks at WoW transmogrify.
I heavily support this idea!

Actually I had the same in mind, but I feared getting trolled for it :D
Cool, looks like your thread might actually go somewhere. I've made two such threads and all the Blizzard hate of the time drowned out any kind of response my threads may have warranted. I hope this gets noticed so I can finally make my armor look like one of the low level neat looking sets, or a composite derived from among them. :)
Changing color on legendaries is something they are working towards right now apparently and seems like its taking time because its not simple to code? Maybe changing the entire graphic of an item is easier since they don't have to manually add the colors like with dying the legs? This could be a good idea.
Well worded, properly introduced, and organized. I love the post, the idea, and the presentation. Asthetics are something rarely considered in D3 since it all about the stats. Sometimes, chars go around looking like a box of Fruit Loops, only because it offers the best stats, but for some, certain gear is a MUST when it comes to looks. For me, I know, the WD looks great with all 63 gear on, and right now, it really offsets my look having a Zuni mask on. I would love to change the look of the Zuni mask to either be like the ilvl63 headpiece or to render it invisible.
11/03/2012 03:53 AMPosted by Zalm
Sometimes, chars go around looking like a box of Fruit Loops

Same issue cam up in wow, multicolored toons. "clown suits" was the term. Then they got the transmog system.
agreed with OP.
11/03/2012 04:05 AMPosted by Boulder
Sometimes, chars go around looking like a box of Fruit Loops

Same issue cam up in wow, multicolored toons. "clown suits" was the term. Then they got the transmog system.

Never played wow really...But I have noticed alot of other RPG games have the ability to customize the chars gear....If Diablo is the pioneer for so many things, we should at least catch up to what is popular.
Free bump for a great idea.
I would love my wiz to have the lvl 60 armor apearence, the one that looks like plate armor.
Free bump
free bump
+1 good idea! Vile wards, Tyrael's, and (especially) Depth diggers so need to have the option for different graphics!!
+1 My chararcters looked best when they were mid-level (between 40-60). A Demon Hunter looks more like a Demon Hunter when wearing a hood and cloak.
we need to bring some more attention to this because first off i really dont like how zuni vision looks and second i think this is a really cool idea and would add some customization that is needed in this game, even if it is cosmetic. Also it would be cool if we could build the black smiths "data base" of things that we could transmute our gear to look like by actually finding the pieces so you there would be a small purpose for picking those useless whites up as you level you character up and also give you some incentive to make more characters
BUMP Becaus I care
So many beautiful sets that pass in the blink on an eye during the leveling process, never to be used again...
Tyrael's Might - a belly dancers fetish dress.
Depth Diggers - strippers pantyhose.
IK Triumph - pretty alright in the front, but should be covering whole head, not just the front.

TBH D3 design is so much like World of Warcraft cartoonish, babygirl, power rangers style, it doesn't fit here in a black and evil world of Diablo. It should be SIMPLE, RIGID, PRACTICAL. I like D2 for that, it was so back on earth design. It wasn't a cartoon, but it was natural, like if a man of planet earth, is facing the forces of evil for real in medieval times.
Good idea, but on short term being able to dye Legendaries would make me happy.
Really want to paint invisible Natalya's horns of uglyness...

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