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Great idea, by removing the normal/exceptional/elite system from d2 armor variety is pretty heavily restricted in this game. This would be perfect and in theory relatively easy to implement. The only thing i my disagree with is with legendaries. I think you should be able to dye them (including invisible dye) but I don't think you should be able to change their appearance. Just kinda goes against the whole legendary thing. And hell you might as well make it kind of expensive (not obnoxious) something like 50k gold to change the appearance as long as there is a way to preview everything. Another gold sink is not a bad thing. I get the feeling that the reason blizzard doesn't want autoskip or non story mode features for the game is so people get to see all the work they put into the cut scenes and such so why wouldn't they want us to see all the artwork and armor design they worked on as well?
now if only blizzard could have thought of something like this
I love that idea! I have even chosen gear with lower stats so that my character looks better. :S Yes, just for the look.

How about introducing plans for teaching the blacksmith amor and weapon designs (they can resemble the designs from lower level gear, or/and newly introduced designs)? Those plans can be found in game as any other plans, you can teach them to the blacksmith, place the piece of amor or weapon in question in the slot of the 5th tab (as suggested) and chose the design your blacksmith has mastered. In the end you pay for his great work, and ready. This should be possible with legendaries, because there it is needed most, imo.

Edit: Plus, there should be a possibility to change back the gear to its original appearance - as the dye remover does with amor, and as the gem remover does with gear that have a socket.
Blizzard should really check this out.

Know that it started on September last year, all the way down to the second month of 2013.

It endured through so many patches and updates, and is still highly rated.

You can't find another thread on these forums that does better.

Implementing this would be a win-win situation for both the players and Blizzard's reputation.
Honestly, the lower end armor designs look like actual armor. I probably haven't even seen all of them since you don't need to make armor upgrades at lvl 35-59 because of OP level reduction weapons + hellfire ring...

Most legendaries looked as if they used the Paint Can tool and dumped a single color onto the armor -_-
Without realizing this post existed, I made a similar thread today:

Whats discouraging is that this thread has been around since October without a single blue post. Also, as a community we need a lot more posts on this topic. Maybe then Blizz will 'listen' more to these kinds of ideas.

However, perhaps there is hope. Invisibility dye now functions on legs. This got rid of my "angry shakespeare'' look from Inna's chest, but I was left with a naked chest as the only alternative. I hope this small freedom in customization of gear is a step in the direction of Blizz implementing the aforementioned ideas. I really believe that more aesthetic freedom with satisfy players more than they realize. Could be a simple and effective way for Blizz continue to improve the game.

Please post more about this in support to hopefully encourage a Blizz response. :)
Amazing idea , btw I need to dye my ice climbers .... My barb hard black style ... With a nice black ice climbers would be awesome
Hope blizz take this or at least say something
That feature would be really interestting and absolutly welcomed.
09/20/2012 10:27 AMPosted by TheNoseKnows
Please show your support for this idea if you want to see it in a future patch!

Can't see it happening in D3. this is a simple hack an slash I can't see the wasting resources an such to track this in this level of game. people want wow features in a basically static game. We can get by without cosmetic drains on the game.
(I don't know if this has been posted already, but I'll do it anyways...)

One very easy way to help with visual armor would be just to add another tab on you inventory with slots for cosmetic items -> whatever you can wear/own you can put on your character. Simple.

Wouldn't need much effort on developers part and I think that pretty much everyone should be happy? Should it cost money putting on cosmetic items? well who the hell cares? It's not like blizzard is getting any real money out of people spending imaginary gold on the game...

Also about weapons... Should we be able to chance the look of our weapons? I for one would LOVE to be able to use Unending War on my inferno barbarian, or The Raven's Wing on my DH. We have tons of extremely good weapons around and all I seem to come across on players nowadays is: Manticore... Skorn... Echoing fury... regardless of the class they're playing. It just makes me kind of sad to see such few different alternatives around. I for one loved the way my barbarian looked at lvl 20-35! Now he looks like a grey brick wandering around in that IK set...

There. This probably is just rambling about the same thing as many other people, but perhaps another voice added to the mass helps a tiny bit.
I totally agree. We need this feature. Although I feel like it would be easier to make it a specialty dye instead of a blacksmith feature. You would just have both items in your inventory and then right click to use the dye, click on the item that you want the stats from and then click on the item that you want the appearance from. Way simpler than going through drop down menus and lists.
Pls no necro

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