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We're taking a close look at defensive skills vs. incoming monster damage in 1.0.5. We’re going to be changing a few defensive skills for each class, including some direct nerfs to skills like wizard Energy Armor and barbarian War Cry - Impunity. However, we're also reducing incoming damage in Inferno, so players will actually come out ahead.

Go read the article we just posted detailing the changes we'll be making, and then come back here and let us know what you think.
Sweet Dixie on a hot apple pie Sunday
Did you not read the article? They did not nerf anyone. They made inferno easier.

I'm glad they didn't change OWE for now. The rest seems like a step in the right direction to increase build diversity. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out.
What We want: Itens with more than just basic parameters!!
What Blizzard does: Let's go nerf all class!!

I think blizzard is not listening us

No pvp till xpac i guess. Sad that i been running act 3 since its the ONLY ACT TO FARM FOR OVER 600 HRS :/.
lawl @ 0.2% of lvl 60 barbs not using any rune with war cry

Hopefully the scaling of Players X is appropriate with the reward system for items/xp. Will monster damage increase with Players X or will it just be monster health that increases (similar to how cooperative play works)?
Damn you Nats DHs! My fav skill got nerfed cuz of u guys!!! :)
I dropped energy armor weeks ago and used storm armor! (Well in parties anyway. In solo I can do it with a shield.)

TBH, I think this change is going to make most defensive skills kind of useless IMO and make builds more one dimensional.

We'll see though. I think the nerf on skills is a bit too big (and again, I regularly use storm armor over energy armor).

So, even though I use storm armor (which I think is really strong; in fact someone calculated with 40-50% crit rate, storm armor with shocking aspect will boost your overall DPS by at least 50% which is really strong for one skill), I think energy armor (which I rarely use nowadays) shouldn't be nerf.

If it's nerfed, then energy armor will be kind of useless IMO (compared to storm armor).

Yes it's true 80% wizards use prismatic armor but I bet most of those wizards never tried using storm armor (it's sort of a "if everyone is using energy armor, then energy armor is the best skill) (or using pinpoint barrier which is sort of a compromise).

Before, I liked how people got creative with being tanky.

I hope this change doesn't make the game a bit too one dimensional.
I'm okay with the 30% AR reduction on War Cry - Impunity. With the 25% damage reduction in Inferno, it should work out ok. However, guess what Blizz? I'm still going to use the hell out of War Cry-Impunity. 20% Armor and 20% AR is still pretty effective, and it's a great start up Fury user to combo into Battle Rage. It's what I primarily use it for. When I roll with another Barb who uses War Cry/Impunity, I switch to Threatening Shout/Falter for massive damage reduction.

I'll definitely be one of those people who uses Monster Power for more difficulty and rewards.
If the "Players X" option causes a higher likelihood of ilvl 63s or legendarys, I sincerely hope it lowers or completely does away with ilvl 50-60 items dropiing. Otherwise what's the point.
Also here's my profile. I use storm armor in parties (yes, I am abusing storm seeker + critical mass).

IMO, range wizard is boring atm. Range wizard just shoots lasers.

Wizard needs:

1. Frozen Orb from D2 (not Arcane Orb but Frozen Orb).

2. Fireball

3. More high cost high damage skills instead of low cost low damage (channeling ones).

Also they shouldn't nerf twister / storm chaser wizard? Why? Because it's more fun than range.

Instead of nerfing twister, buff range.

Finally, Twister + Explosive Blast Wizard is like Nova Sorc from D2. See why it's fun? See why range wizard (which doesn't play like range sorc at all) is more boring?
so higher you set the difficulty the higher the drops. thats all i wanted to hear.
Praise the lord Jesus! OwE is saved!!!!!!!
We want FUN Blizzard... NOT NERFS! If you WANT to encourage spell diversity, simply strengthen other spells to the point where people are willing to consider them. Nerfing existing spells to FORCE people to move away from them (WW nerf) only encourages frustrations. Also, to make the game better you bring back elements of D2? Why couldn't you have done that to begin with? There is a lot of heavy truth to what Brevik said when he criticized D3. It truly does not do its prequel justice...
Really dislike the change to shadow power gloom. I guess I am going to have to pick up whatever junk you guys are doing with this: "We are adjusting some runes and passives to provide ways to increase survivability that scales with your Life, Armor, and resistances." in exchange for doing less damage!

Do you guys hate the demon hunter class? Really seems like it...


09/14/2012 09:12 AMPosted by Ziggro
I love how wizards always get the worst nerf, and i love how in each patch a class get a buff like DH in 1.05, and wiz never gets buffs.

Did I miss the DH buff part? ToC, Gloom... two pretty big nerfs...
Unless you consider the useless pets a buff /sarcasim
09/14/2012 09:14 AMPosted by OmegaMan
Praise the lord Jesus! OwE is saved!!!!!!!

Amen to that - I have JUST found two incredible set pieces (Inn'as) with a different resist than I was running, so have made the plunge to completely overhauling my gear to the other resist - woulda stink to have found out that was totally not neccessary. Though, overall, this will reduce the cost of doubel resist gear (won't be as important)

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