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Not nerfing one with everything was a very smart move, as I know myself and hundreds of other monks who have invested 100's of millions of gear would simply just quit the game if our gear was made irrelevant.
What We want: Itens with more than just basic parameters!!
What Blizzard does: Let's go nerf all class!!

I think blizzard is not listening us

if you read what he said you would see that it is a buff and not a nerf. they want us to be less dependent on defensive skills and that's a good thing.
development team try their best to stay D3 away from D2 however they fail... again
bravo for build diversity. As long as the players8 option grants significant loot percentages, I don't see that much changes, gameplay wise.

Economical impact is going to increase the gap between haves & havenots. By boosting drop rates for those who already have 150K dps & endgame gear, their income is going to increase substantially. Until the supply and demand balance for legendary & trifectas is stabilized months down the road, the power curve is going to remain out of whack.

Anything to increase drop rates overall speeds the balance of the economy in the long term, so we're going to see the rich get richer in the beginning, but hopefully this plan helps to stabilize the market in a much faster timeframe than was originally possible.
09/14/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Snow
Praise the lord Jesus! OwE is saved!!!!!!!

Amen to that - I have JUST found two incredible set pieces (Inn'as) with a different resist than I was running, so have made the plunge to completely overhauling my gear to the other resist - woulda stink to have found out that was totally not neccessary. Though, overall, this will reduce the cost of doubel resist gear (won't be as important)

My Inna's set is based on Arcane + AR as well, they know people have spend a ton crafting their gears according to OwE mechanics, that's why they don't dare to touch it.
well buff vs nerf what you choice....

buff with rewards....items....
What We want: Itens with more than just basic parameters!!
What Blizzard does: Let's go nerf all class!!

I think blizzard is not listening us

if you read what he said you would see that it is a buff and not a nerf. they want us to be less dependent on defensive skills and that's a good thing.

We'll see how it works though. IMO, I think it would make everyone focus too much on offensive skills.

Again, let me restate that before, people were really creative with the builds and I really liked that.

The creative builds that let you survive in Inferno were fun.

Also, again, Storm Armor with shocking aspect (even with a shield) is already much better than using energy armor (with a source).

There's also almost no reason to use energy armor over storm armor in a party (with tanks). In parties, I always use storm armor fine but yet I have yet to see another wizard use storm armor like me. Storm armor with 50% crit (with shocking aspect rune) increases "overall" DPS by nearly 50% or more (that's huge for one skill).

Statistics don't show the whole story. The reason everyone uses energy armor is because everyone else uses it and they're too used to it to try something different.
The mindset of the Blizzard people is disturbing: nerf monsters so you do not need defensive skills... oh and to FORCE you to drop certain skills, we are going to nerf the skills. So diversity, diversity, diversity... just as long as you play the way we want you to play. The Blizzard people are the most intolerant, "deceivers" (I thought that was the kindest word I could think of) around. Nerfs are buffs and buffs are nerfs. Diversity means you play the way we want you to play. How about some real buffs for once for unloved WD's and others instead of just buffing the already OP barbs. Always in the name of diversity... what a joke. Diversity from dictators is scary.
player X
I will take the attitude, believe but verify. Though this does seem to keep with the theme equaly bad, or addition by subtraction.
so...those who already have top end gear get to use monster command to increase difficulty and drop rates ? plus the infernal machine drops ? because lets face it, anyone who either didn't exploit on launch, flip the AH all day or blow hundreds on RMAH or get extremely lucky isn't going to be able to do any of this..we will still be farming the same act hoping for a drop thats worth more then 200K..

Itemization is still lame..nerf inferno all you want but the biggest problems is

1. Nothing to do but farm
2. Balance was never Diablo
3. PvP needs to be done right and not an arena deathmatch noobfest, need an incentive like cosmetic rewards or something
4. Stare at the AH interface more then playing the game
5. Bosses should drop the best loot, not the worst, no one had a problem running Meph/Pindle for 10 years cuz they dropped good loot atleast 40% of the time
6. Low level items are useless outside of Leorics and Cains, but this faults to itemization.
7. Constant load from HDD causes stuttering in co op games, still no reason to play co op either
OK, you are nerfing defenses but at the same time nerfing incoming damage. got it. But now adding more difficultly with player 8. Essentially nerfing anyone who plans to play the new game mode for better reward. You guys might understand math, but you do not understand people.
Is this gonna be like:

Nerf all defensive classes, but we will nerf Inferno damage so its fine!

Blizzard hotfix, maintenance, etc ->> Ninja buff inferno damage.

Don't you know that if you keep nerfing Inferno, people are actually going to be able to farm it and find items. That means they'll use your precious RMAH less.
ugh well this is sad news.

cookie cutter builds are still going to be cookie cutter.

the game will just be made even easier for the 3rd time =/

why not just give everyone the inferno diablo waypoint while you're at it.
Thanks for listening and thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. These do seem like good changes for the most part, steps in the right direction.

Playing on the hardest difficulty with a character that moves slow as molasses, with a defensive focus might be a viable way to farm. We'll see how it works out but I am excited.
Trail of cinders is saved?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That's really...awesome! I'm playing with it with a dh friend too and after some runs we knew that it isn't a broken skill, i would like if a blue read this because it's a nice and creative way to use trail of cinders:

It's a good damage, but it's kinda of a risky attitude, you trade discipline for damage, ok, that's not the way you meant right? but it's a creative way to spend discipline, and you pay the price right? you can die using it because you will face a situation where you will have 0 discipline because you vaulted in a pack, b ut if you want to give tons of damage and nothing give a single care to your be it, it's a playing style right? and it's easy to die so i do not think it's a broken rune, please, let us have our fun with trail of cinders ok :-)

Also, im really, REALLy looking foward to this Infernal Machine, i think it will be something like Pandemonium event from d2, you'll have to gather it's pieces around the 4 acts and do something to mount it and fight with uber bosses..that's just awesome, keep the good work blizz
Hello there Blizzard,

IMO inferno nerf is very good idea because most players aim for (time-)efficiency when they are farming. They want to kill as many monsters as they can to get as much high quality loot as possible.

Inferno-too-easy-now problem is balanced by "players 8" option.

You change will also open way for many new builds. I think this is great!

I must add that what we are still waiting for is addressing the poor-quality-of-loot (aka) loot-not-rewarding-enough issues!

Please take them into consideration as the loot is the essence of this game genre.

Kind regards,

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