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09/14/2012 09:12 AMPosted by Ziggro
I love how wizards always get the worst nerf, and i love how in each patch a class get a buff like DH in 1.05, and wiz never gets buffs.

lol fail reading comprehension
Wow, WD didn't get much change at all.
"This developer journal is focused primarily on defensive skill changes, but because the change to Gloom is significant, I want to mention that we are looking at concrete mechanics changes to the demon hunter to introduce new play styles. Many players have mentioned that outside of Gloom, demon hunters seem to lack defensive options. More importantly, demon hunters would like some different play styles, and we agree! Here are a few changes we are adding for demon hunters in 1.0.5 to open up new ways to play:"

Oh, you mean like nerfing DhTanks, and costing their users millions of gold in gear that is no longer sellable? You promote build diversity and then completely destroy one of the most diverse builds in the game, a facetanking ranged class......*facepalm* Am I the only one who sees that this does not make sense????
although I have only played a monk to 17 and I can agree with the monks here and how their offensive options stink. it was so boring, all you use is fists of thunder
What!? Tanking pets for the Demon Hunter!


I'd been wanting this forever! Good work guys, keep it up.

But, you do know that now that defensive skills have been "nerfed" just about NO ONE will use them anymore.

It's the simple power of the hive-mind. This is how it will go down in gen chat:

"Hey bro, they nerfed Impunity."
"Yeah, now the best skill is _______"
"Okay, thank you, let me write this down."

I'm surprised no one cares about the viability of more builds now that we don't have to stick with defensives like a security blanket. I mean, do you not get any enjoyment out of creating builds? Is that just me? Oh right, you don't have a full set of IK and are mad. Got it.
All Im getting from this whole thing is BLAH, BLAH , BLAH We can't figure a way to nurf Wiz's and barb's build so we are going to not only screw them we are going to jack up DH, Monk's and WD's all the more . And O BTW we are making UBER'S in D3 ,From the sound of it They will be another thing for WW barbs to walk all over just like a smiter in D2 Uber's

P.S. Please bring back Sigon sets and make them a easy drop. Not that it was a great set but I always loved it.

This barely touches WD's so /shrug. Inferno will continue to be easy, unless I want to make it hard and find stuff. Sounds like a win/win proposition.
Love how One with Everything has yet to be nerfed. Most op skill in the game by a !@#$ing mile.
The Beta Test goes on...
09/14/2012 09:51 AMPosted by KillaKhan
The Beta Test goes on...

Because D2 never got patches?

Oh no, they're continuing to support the game months after release! THE HORROR.
I am ok with the overall 25% or so nerf to incoming damage and the overall skill based mitigation nerf by about 15-25% to make things even. However, the nerf to Shadow Power - Gloom is HUGE. If I was being hit for 100,000 damage before Gloom:

1.0.4 - I take 35,000 damage
1.0.5 - I take 65,000 damage

Difference = 85% MORE damage. Where the wizard took only 21% more damage in your example, the DH takes 85% more with the proposed changes. I completely fail to see how this is not an overall nerf to the DH and not a nerf to Inferno.

First, Blizzard favored glass cannon builds when the game first came out (1.00-1.02). Then in 1.0.3 with increase in repair costs and attack speed nerf, the tank style DH came into existence. In 1.0.4 the tank style DH was destroyed by the hidden nerfs to proc coefficients in the key skills these DH used. Now in 1.0.4 the most popular is balanced DH, a hybrid of survival and DPS. With your proposed changes, the metagame is again being shifted towards glass cannon since DH will have no other major defensive skills aside from Smoke Screen (which was already nerfed once). So make up your mind, if you want build diversity, you need to just accept players will play the way they want and stop forcibly altering everything to be worse.

As a side note, Trail of Cinders, as broken as you claim it to be, still does not outperform Whirlwind/Sprint Barbarians in terms of overall efficiency. With this also becoming nerfed/"fixed" what will DH have left?
Great changes!

It might increase build diversity I think in items too. Items won't HAVE to have all resist all the time etc.
Inferno might be FUN again, and players 8 will let people choose how hard they want it. I'm all for that.

Is build diversity something people are complaining about??!
I don't think, out of all the QQ on these forums, that people QQ much about not being able to choose some skills.
Why are you guys fixing build diversity when there are such larger, more apparent flaws with the game that need to be addressed?

Good changes, but please blizzard, reorganize prioritization for your patches.
Itemization NEEDS attention. Social aspect NEEDS attention. Replaying-quest mode NEEDS attention. And it goes without saying, PvP should be implemented in a well-balanced timely manner.
I feel like, combined with the Monster Power system, this will only serve to nerf defensive players. As a player who's invested of a lot of time into acquiring good tanking gear, I'm a little upset.
09/14/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Iria
With this also becoming nerfed/"fixed" what will DH have left?

Cluster Arrow - Cluster Bombs.

Hell yeah, Mortars, !@#$%!

Hey, not everyone follows the flavor of the month build. Think for yourself a little. You might enjoy it.
Sooo.. It means bye-bye barbarians! Oh well we had a good run.
These are great changes. The game seems like it is moving in the right direction. Unfortunately for me My wife and all my gaming buddies abandoned this game. I keep trying to get them back but us gamers are fickle creatures.

I will continue to play D3, but man this feels like too little too late to me.
09/14/2012 09:21 AMPosted by VidSicious
The mindset of the Blizzard people is disturbing: nerf monsters so you do not need defensive skills... oh and to FORCE you to drop certain skills, we are going to nerf the skills. So diversity, diversity, diversity... just as long as you play the way we want you to play. The Blizzard people are the most intolerant, "deceivers" (I thought that was the kindest word I could think of) around. Nerfs are buffs and buffs are nerfs. Diversity means you play the way we want you to play. How about some real buffs for once for unloved WD's and others instead of just buffing the already OP barbs. Always in the name of diversity... what a joke. Diversity from dictators is scary.

Agreed. Besides range wizard (which needs a buff like frozen orb from D2), builds are really diverse atm.

Are they looking at things one sided?

Why nerf trail of cinders DH or tank DH and do this when they want "build diversity"?

A lot of builds they nerfed (besides barbs) were really creative. Buff rather than nerf.
People already steamrolling through inferno, why whould you nerf it even further? I cannot think of any possible non-pathetic logic behind that. If this goes on, you can call it Hell 2 with just better loot.
09/14/2012 09:53 AMPosted by Jatacid
Is build diversity something people are complaining about??!

Yes. I hate having to go Pris-armor. I want a pure DPS build and that one skill is just a boring wasted slot on my bar.
On the monster damage, increase in monster damage settings means better drop rates? If so, it is a good one. nerfing down defensive skills while nerfing also the base monster damage + adding the monster damage mechanic seems to be a good fit. But I hope the way players select increasing or decreasing monster damage is looked into or quality tested. It might end up hard to calibrate or sumthing. Is this problem possible to happen? I dont know..

In any case,is it possible that the monster damage mechanic be set in such a way that "monster damage" increases or decreases based on the character/s' Paragon level? And also it will adjust based on the char's base life and base armor (just like how the attributes of some skills adjust like the WD's pet's). Well, I mean the player may just choose to use this setting, and based on his level and attributes, monster damage will automatically adjust. I'm thinking this might provide an auto set game difficulty level option. I hope this is valid. In multiplayer, monster damage should also adjust like this. Maybe average out all the parties' chars attributes as base for the damage increase.
Why the nerf on the Monk's armor bonus?

My barb gets 2k armor from his strength. Monk gets no armor from his dex, only a dodge chance.

Is there even a Monk player base to complain? Anyone? Who still plays Monk?

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