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09/14/2012 09:14 AMPosted by OmegaMan
Praise the lord Jesus! OwE is saved!!!!!!!
This is so dumb ive been watching some HOTS streams lately and seeing players complaining about the new auto mine features and the worker counts doing nothing but catering to casuals.... Then this yet another nerf to inferno doesnt blizzard realize theyve already lost the majority of their casual players and all thats left are the enthusiasts and elitists(also bots of course), these series of nerfs to inferno is taking the last of the fun away from the game....
I dont care about the player 8 feature if you cant beat inferno in its current state you really have no business being there.... Go back to hell and be happy cause it was stated inferno wasnt for everyone but it seems that it really is you cry enough blizzard will give the ones who think their entitled to beat inferno with no challenge their wish..
Just like Starcraft 2 a very complicated and complex game, its not enough gotta cater to the casuals in that game to..... God i hope that rumors of valve buying Blizzard is true and they get rid of that greedy devil Kotick and get back to good gaming. Not this stuff were a laundry soap King, greedy, corrupt, person with no experience in gaming gets to call all the shots and ruin one of the best gaming companies and franchises in history to line his grimy pockets........
It might increase build diversity I think in items too. Items won't HAVE to have all resist all the time etc.
Inferno might be FUN again, and players 8 will let people choose how hard they want it. I'm all for that.

No matter how you look at it, you only can have 4 players in a game. Why let the build diversity bothering you devs so much?

Is build diversity something people are complaining about??!
I don't think, out of all the QQ on these forums, that people QQ much about not being able to choose some skills.
Why are you guys fixing build diversity when there are such larger, more apparent flaws with the game that need to be addressed?

Good changes, but please blizzard, reorganize prioritization for your patches.
Itemization NEEDS attention. Social aspect NEEDS attention. Replaying-quest mode NEEDS attention. And it goes without saying, PvP should be implemented in a well-balanced timely manner.

True that. They love to mess with something that are the least of the players wishlists. It's an action of being egocentric.
09/14/2012 10:04 AMPosted by JujuScars
You know what. I dont even care about the changes, quite frankly at this point Im just tired of being Jerked around. The game has been out for 4 months and youve radically changed the playstyle of a number of classes MULTIPLE TIMES. Its obnoxious, any time someone learns their class and specs for it you throw it out the window. Heres a thought. Sit on it. Make some long term adjustments, ACTUALLY BALANCE the !@#$ if youre going to and THEN release it. Not throw it all out and see if it sticks every few weeks.

Stop playing FOTM builds, problem solved.
I have always felt that people who go for tank builds are at a disadvantage because in Inferno, the offense increase of mobs are disproportionately higher than their defense increase. This means that it takes you more effort to increase defense than to increase offense.

This change will allow tank builds to do more dps.
Nightmare, the new Inferno.
I have to ask a basic question here.

If you think that people are over-using defensive skills, then why did you guys base the amount of damage reduction needed in inferno on characters that are using the nerfed versions of those skills?

I get that the gap between those who use them and those who don't will become smaller...but it will still be significant enough to warrant always using them.....still.

wouldn't it have been better to alter the actual scaling of resistances/armor or to add a cap?

Because 10% less damage is still going to be like 5000 per hit even with the 25% nerf.
The drop will be worst?? and the only posibility of obtain upgrades will be use the monster power and it will be the same again monsters very dificult to kill for obtain some better equipment???

I hop i'm wrong, one of the things most talked about is the improvment on the drop of the items, i hope blizzard remember that.
How is this going to fix barbarians not "needing" Warcry?

Will the 25% reduction in damage overall result in less damage taken in the following circumstances?

1. No warcry, net loss for the player is 20% armor and 50% resist all.

If the answer is no, then you massively nerfed barbarians and didn't do anything to balance defensive skills for them because it's still 100% necessary to invest into warcry.

2. Warcry, new impunity.
2b. Warcry, a different rune.

It seems like this would result in less damage taken but it doesn't solve the issue at all. I'm still locked into taking warcry as a defensive skill. If I use impunity or a different rune means nothing. As a player I'm concerned about the skill slot, not the rune choice.
Good job, Blizzard.

Now I have the reason to drop my Energy Armor for more offense power. The reason why I using Energy Armor instead of other armor spells is because I need it so badly in order to survive in act 3 Inferno.

Can't wait for more Monster Power information.

And what's up with those haters? Are they really love to use defensive skills so much to the point they became irrational? It is obviously a buff for the players.
I'm really excited about the changes to DH companions and the ability to use 3 arcane sentries!
Blizz, How about showing HC a little love too in these updates... like changing the amount of time it takes for a hero to be removed from game if a DC, game crash, computer crash... happens.


Right now as it stands if you leave a game in the field of battle you get a 10 second timer. If you "leave" the game because of a disconnect you you are left in game for 50-60 seconds.

How about chaging it to 10-20 seconds after a connection loss to the server, it would save a lot of HC heros. I know you can fix this. The way it sits right now it's just broken and a lot of HC players are leaving HC because of this issue.
RIP Gloom sigh
give us pvp, and make it worthwhile not some lame no reward, casual deathmatch.

we want ladders, ranks, rewards, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wizard needs buffs. Not nerfs. Without force armor the wizard goes from being a bad class to a worse class.

Wizard is already one of the absolute most boring classes to play the only benefit is how safe they are from force armor. Take that away and you have a steaming pile of boring turds.
I like the idea of making defensive skills less mandatory, but how about you guys make every item worth it? Like actually buffing legendary items and make some stats gear-locked, for example - mighty belt with no INT, voodoo mask with no STR(although str adds defense but wth i'd still choose INT over STR)

I still like the idea, but the fact that your nerfing this skill to make other skills look pretty is just.. ugh.
In term of Maths i think is really hard to judge if 25% monster dmg reduction overall has made inferno easier for everyone.

AR dmg reduction scale with exponential diminishing return. If a player have a very low base AR, the effective 20% boost (instead of 50%) will result in more loss of dmg reduction % than what was reflected in the journal.

In order words, if ur base AR is low, u will find inferno harder in fact... Blizz u arent transparent at all in expressing all possible senarios (Which result in a more unbalanced game-play... rich tanker player feeling inferno even more easier, while unfunded char find themselves harder to run inferno.)
Just so you know, with a massive nerf to gloom, I will continue not using my dh. I finished inferno with the tank spec, but my dh remains on the shelf until a survivable spec becomes competitive with my op barb. Fyi I will drop impunity for rend and faceroll the game.

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