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One aspect that I would like to see added is to put some viability toward the Monk having better party support skills. Traditionally, a Monk is thought to be a healer, a shielder from damage. Yet in D3, the Monks capabilities to run as party support are flat and noneffective.
•Leap - Iron Impact: We’re adjusting the design of this skill. Rather than providing 300% armor for 4 seconds, it’s going to provide 100% armor per target hit for 3 seconds

This is only usefull in a large amount of monsters. if its 1vs1 like diablo then this skill will be useless...

As a barb who would frequently use Leap/Iron Impact I raised that point several times and got no valid response back from any was also ignored in the developers blog with the simple reasoning of "well if you still want a dam reduction skill against 1-2 monsters or champions/bosses" USE IGNORE PAIN...except IGNORE PAIN has ZERO MOBILITY and it's a daym CRUTCH skill that hasn't been useful since 1.04 launched unless you were lacking in good gear.
Will a thorns build ever be a viable option? Might add more options for barb and wd. For now, thorns seems like a wasted stat on gear.
Seems not many intellectuals submit input , which might include me ,but will give it a try . I think there is a need for tactical fighting like giving witch doctors more control over there pets,such as an attack a certain mob , or a protect selection ..I see I need to change my way of fighting now due to the nerf on the armor from 20% to 15% which as you pointed out wrongly that it was to our benifit ..I also wonder why a mob that can cause damage such as the flying plague things don't give experience . Oh by the way Morons do not need to reply . but I am sure you will . When you get older you should archive those worthless statements and read them , you might get a good laugh out of them ,and say I said/wrote that ..
I still think they need to bring back either the enrage timer or "heal to full" mechanic of Rare and Champion packs. Sometimes players just need to avoid an especially nasty pack instead of having the devs remove all challenge by enabling people to whittle them down with hit and run or pure tanks with absolutely no dps check >_<
That necromancy.
Dude, why did you necro a year-old thread started by a CM who's no longer on these boards?
Clearly he wants to play a necromancer
Necro of the month award goes to...
08/14/2013 01:04 PMPosted by Lobsterbash
Clearly he wants to play a necromancer

ha ha...

good answer good answer!!

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