[Bug] Stone of Jordan and bonus elite damage.

Bug Report
I just got a stone of jordan and wanted to test out how much it was increasing my locust swarm damage on elites. So I tried out my locust swarm on a bunch of undead regular monsters while at 5 stacks of soul harvest and it consistently hits for 12224 damage on all monsters I tried it on, no variation except critical hits. Then to keep things consistent I tried it out on about 5 different packs of undead elites while at 5 stacks of soul harvest. Each time it consistently hit for 12224 damage. What gives? Shouldn't the damage on an elite be significantly higher?
So this got me curious and I decided to do another test using my maximus. My maximus gives 12% extra damage to demons, so I tried locust swarm on non-demons and on demons with 5 stacks and it did 12224 on both types. It would seem that locust swarm isn't receiving increased damage from any source.

Edit: Tried it out on haunt as well, it did exactly the same damage on a regular as on an elite. Is the stone of jordan not working on dots?
Bonus damage items are bugged as can be on certain runes and DoT spells.

The list also includes, Burning Axe of Sunakis, Magefist, Fragment of Destiny, Schaefer's Hammer and Frostburn Gauntlets.
shestin...are you getting the extra dam on elite packs with non dots spells like example bears or darts...or in my case i use sacrifice a lot.
im planning to buy a stone but after reading it's bugged?
it would be costly to invest in a item tht doesn't work:(

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