Build change predictions from 1.05

What are some of the build changes you forsee once 1.05 comes out? This is what I see with the significant tank buff from the patch. (This assumes dmg reduction from affixes also)

* People switching out STI and buffing up more gear with armor bonus. With STI giving only 700-1200 armor bonus you can easily get that with armor bonus gear.
* Still see Resolve being used, but not as much
* Increased used of Transcendence, Guardians Path (compliments Backlash), and Fleet Footed.
* Increased Mantra of Evasion with Hard Target (20% armor) or Backlash (nice DPS bump)
* Less dual resist stats (taking advantage of OWE) to spend more on DPS stats.

What do you think will change in the build?
pointless to theorycraft at this point in time. Either the Ubers will require a ton of defensive stats, or they won't. And same with the monster power/players 8 thing. It all depends on whether monsters do more dmg in the higher difficulties or only gain more hp.
No difference with the information so far. As above poster said, they're nerfing inferno in general but are adding a new difficulty on top of that with /players # and the infernal machine, so you'll still need the same build.

Only change will be to replace STI with either Guardian's Path, Transcendence, Resolve or Fleet Footed (for the over geared). It'll be QWE plus two of those.
I see alot of monks changing to Engineer
Given the CC changes, I know that I'll likely be switching BoH: BW for BF:FitL. I can also see the Pandemonium rune gaining popularity for SSS users, 7 seconds of stun is far from insignificant. HC users that use LTK might give the Scorpion Sting rune a go. The defensive changes...I actually don't think I'll be ditching STI for anything else. I'll still probably be running OWE and STI, and waffle between Resolve and Transcendence for my third passive.
might be pointless but something else to think about while enjoying my break after reading too much hate posts on general.

i reckon most of what OP pointed out has some validity to it. even if 25% dmg reduction is the only thing that changes (hope not).

- i'd definitely try a few runs without STI and see how it fares. though if the game does become very challenging i can see myself not only using STI but also roll back into using 1h and shield for that added armour. it all depends yes

- never given much thought to resolve because i cant see the difference while playing. not to say it doesnt work, i just like to see something being in effect that is obvious, like fleet footed or STI/OWE. not my cup of tea i guess

- hard target to me will depend on whether how fast i can kill mobs without dying. currently using MOC: Overawe which i think would be the 1st change to my build. im pretty sure at my current state i could not do player 8 at it's highest (which is what im hoping for, game is too easy at its current state)

- lately ive been delving into 1 resist since i got lucky with my skorn drop at rakkis. it was a nice week to overhaul all my old gear which had both phys resist and resist all to get more dps. think i went from 20kdps with 1k+ resist all to where i am at now. really loved the item overhaul because i felt like i just levelled up from being the average monk to a bad-!@# monk. mind you ive played as the tough-as-nails-tank-monk-but-cant-dps-for-crap since day 1.

not sure about most of you guys but i sincerely hope player 8 will bring back the days of pre-1.0.3. to me that was the best gaming period of D3 so far. it was brutal hard for me. dying plenty of time and forgo-ing NV just to change build to get a hard champ pack down was good fun. it was challenging. atm D3 is relatively easy and if it stays the same i'd be disappointed.

anyway good thread to kill time on. hope it gets busy in here.

my 2 cents anyway.
I think /player 8 will break a lot of glass cannon monks and force people to roll more defensively.
I think a lot of people are planning to drop STI, but ultimately won't in the face of the /player 8 update.

The magnitude really depends on the details of player 8.
Will it just buff enemy health?
Will it buff enemy damage?
What's the highest buff we can give the enemies?
Will the boost to our loot be worth it?
If it buffs enemy health will it scale health globe drop rates up as well?
Definitely plan to try a non STI build because the added value is much smaller. That then opens up other possiblities I'll have to test out. Exact configuration will depend on the details and how the harder levels will work. If Blizzard does this right there will be a trade off between speed of a lower level over better chance of gear (and slower speed) of higher levels. As it stands now all you have is A3 to grind as fast as you can.
they're nerfing inferno in general but are adding a new difficulty on top of that with /players # and the infernal machine, so you'll still need the same build.

Blizzard has failed in making these defensive passives any less mandatory
unless you choose to remain in 1.05-easy-mode (like doing A1 right now)

We'll likely be simply switching one defensive passive for another - Guardian's Path, Transcendence - or be a lil more glass-cannon

As for Player-8:
1. If each +1 player incrementally buffs monster dmg, then 1.05 defensive changes will be a "net" nerf
2. If it doesn't, just plain hp increase like it is now, a longer fight = more chances to screw up and die = still really no "net" buff as blizz describes.

As for Inferno Machine:
If it is anything, it will be like WoW's Heroic dungeons where you'll need some coordination, or plentiful zerg dying-rushing. Since people don't really coordinate, and D3 classes aren't designed like tank/dps/healer, you'll essentially need to tank-up to avoid the latter strategy, thus making defensive passives still imperative.
I think you might see a few shifts instead of outright swaps. For example, I was using Chant of Resonance to keep my spirit per second at 5, but I found a good helm that gave me the same effective health and included a 1.87 spirit generator, so I swapped Chant of Resonance out and now have an extra passive swap to play around with. I'm currently using STI and Mantra of Healing: Controlled Breathing. After the STI change, my effective health with Hard Target will be higher than my effective health now with STI, and a little more than 14% higher than the new STI, so I could shift the STI buff to my mantra, shift the passive back to Exalted Soul or Chant of Resonance, and then dig an LOH or LPS item out of my stash to make up what I'm losing by changing Controlled Breathing to Exalted Soul or CoR, effective trading a small decrease in spirit generation for an increase in effective health.

Judging by profiles, a lot of Monks run with STI and roughly 30K health, 2K DEX, and 5.5K armor, give or take a bit. For me, the 14% increase STI will grant in 1.0.5 will seem like a net buff, given the decrease in mob damage, so I don't think I'll need to change. That said, my effective health will be higher in 1.0.5 than it is now even if I outright drop STI, and the 14% buff might not seem as attractive as Fleet Footed or some of the other passives mentioned earlier in this thread.

Players-8 is a different angle altogether.

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