Idea for Blizzards " Titan " Next-gen MMO

Lore and Story
Combine World of Warcraft's "MMO" feel where you are generally in a raid/party doing something to achieve amazing results that many others cannot achieve. Thus rewarding you with loot that all your friends and enemies will envy you. With Diablo 3's Auction House system (RMAH). The key lies in combining the two where loot is NOT easy to achieve and those who have the most MF, or those who just get plain lucky and find an amazing piece of loot, or work hard with endless hours of constant farming. Find the loot that is worth the most money in the Acution House system.

This idea would give players a drive to be a better player and feel rewarded for their time and effort put towards a game they love and enjoy. This idea was inspired from the original days of World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, and the few difficult bosses that came after that ( very few). I do not mean to bash anything as all this is my personal opinion. Constructive Feedback is appreciated.
IDK, but I think many people have already said that the Diablo 3 RMAH was essentially a 'test run', a beta, for an upcoming Blizzard title. Which would obviously be Project Titan.

Like I've said before: If D3 is any indication of where Blizzard's head is at, Titan won't be worth buying.
Those elements are already incorporated into Guild Wars 2, and all the polish too!
thats why im going to wait 3-4 month before i buy titans... Not rushing for the game like i did with D3.
09/23/2012 09:37 PMPosted by Lenix
thats why im going to wait 3-4 month before i buy titans... Not rushing for the game like i did with D3.

Polish??? Guild Wars 2 polished?? *!@#%#!@* are you smoking???

Game doesn't even have an endgame how could it ever be anything close to being polished?

Continue grinding boring premade questlines.
Blizzard's new MMO strategy should be to make a new and interesting game.
If blizzard wants to make titan a success they shouldn't make an MMO first! they should make single player story games, like warcraft 1-3 and frozen throne, THEN with an established backstory and player interest make the MMO. Blizzard also needs to work on story in their mmos, i mean you grind out really not that great story from level 1- max level tier, 60,70, 80, 85, 90 then the story hits, need more story, kind of like what Star Wars the Old Republic did, LOTS of voice overs.... sorry ALL voice overs. granted the Cataclysm revamp of old world improved the Leveling Story substantially! Still needs work .... would be cool if you made cinematic events through out the game, i like the idea of companion characters! good story booster, maybe you only get 1 companion through out the entire game. Maybe there are choices, like man or women for your companion! Maybe said companion has indepth and or intreging story that draws players into the story line.

I think it would be cool if blizzards new mmo was in a Space age with fancy technology. Better looking then SWTOR mind you... never did like the clothing look or technology look in star wars...

Multiple races, ship to ship combat, not just a rail shooter like in swtor.

Maybe class specializations 5 levels to max level! giving you new abilities and talents!

Rofl i'm making my own forum post for all of this :P

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