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Hey all,

Wanting to form or get in touch with like minded people to farm a3 and beyond. I have some efficient runs that I prefer to do with others. You can check my perma-freeze build, and I also do a perma-archon build if more DPS is needed.

East Coast Australian, so Aussies are most welcome, but generally whoever is keen and on I will be interested.

Leave a message here or fire me a friend request.
Feel free to add me VikDUH#1541 , game sure does get boring playing by myself and I like doing runs with other people. Alot of people quit on my RL friends quit so yeah T_T.

My dps is about 100k semi buff (all the time) monk with movement speed gear.
I'd be interested. Few people I run with, but more on the list is better.
132K DPS non SS, so can kill pretty fast.
Add abcdefy#1342
Awesome line up, anyone else?

We will do very efficient runs.
Haha too bad I don't have enough DPS. Maybe after I upgrade two more gears. =s
You can add me, should be down for the occasional run

110K DPS unbuffed monk
Once fully buffed i top out approx ~160K DPS. Each bear hits for ~1million on crit.

Hell my enchantress is 27k DPS, so wish she could join coop games! :)
Sent some friend rqs.
East Coast Qld here. I play a fair bit, always looking for new people to kill with. If you freeze 'em I can help kill 'em. FYI: I HATE REFLECT!!

dont always do group runs, but don't mind the company every so often.
feel free to add.
I don't mind having some fun too! ^^
09/22/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Tryanno

Another DPS junkie without any LoH or life leech - all elite groups should have reflect imo :)
Exchange the emerald in your weapon for an amethyst or change other equip to get Loh/leech and you might drop a little DPS but will survive far better.
should request to delete this thread

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