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* EDIT *

I have revised the infographic so that it is easier to read.

Cleaned up version here:


-Increased image size and reformatted to PNG for legibility
-Fixed a few spelling and continuity errors

Hypersonic has continued the conversation here:


Thanks mate!

Regarding the "ending"

Many have commented that it is too harsh. Keep in mind this is my opinion. It's fair enough if you do not agree. I am "insulted" that the amount of time that went into this game, the drawn out and repeated delayed release, yet developers could not see how disturbingly bland and poorly designed loot is. I certainly do not think Blizzard intended to crap on their fans, I just wish loot was as fun as it was in D2.
Regarding originality

A few have claimed that this is copy/pasta. I assure you that I created this piece on 9/17/2012. You may remember a similar picture by Set posted here:


I have already given this author credit for a very similar idea that definitely resonates with my reasoning. It's possible you could confuse the two.

Thanks everyone for all the shares, bumps, and likes. I never thought this would be such a hit!

Original version here:

Nicely done!

Sums up a lot of the itemization issues.
Can't argue with any of this.
Give this man a raise! perfect... I love info graphics
Still reading it, but the very first part caught my eye.

"In Diablo 2, giving the player stat allotment to distribute among stats allowed for less emphasis on loot."

Spot on.
Very, very well put. And this is why the item hunt, that was so fun in d2, sucks in d3.

People bump and like dis shizz.
+1 for creativity and ringing with truth!
lettuce be cereal, heh.
this should come on the box
My only suggestion woulda been to call out the potion system, D2 potion use was getting a text, D3 potion use is like waiting for a welfare check.
Give this man a medal.
Nailed it, dead on.

+1 to OP.

After playing PoE open beta weekend, and seeing how fun stats actually work in modern ARPGs, it's really amazing how this fundamental flaw in a AAA game passed through QA.
Lettuce be cereal

I would request sticky here except that the CMs specifically told us that they ignore the Request Sticky requests in the General Discussion forum.

Please do a Part II with a summation of how true equipment diversity would lead them to their stated goal of build diversity.
great!!!! :)

I Hope some CM see this.

But now they are very busy with world of warcraft....... we are no important now.
This is actually true. I came here expecting another whine about not getting legendaries every 5 minutes but this is a very viable complaint.

One huge thing that would help is if "off" stats were made a lot stronger. So that maybe a DH gets twice as much armor per point of str as a barb and a WD gets twice as much dodge per dex as a monk or DH. So basically there would be points where stacking str as something other than barbarian or int as something other than wiz or WD would be as effective or more effective as stacking vitality.

You can see they kinda tried to do this with stats, but failed to realize just how much more important your primary is than everything else.

Also, skills points and levels. Endgame D2 was about getting gear, but it was NOT about gear. It was about levels and skill points. Gear was great, but your skill distribution is what really made you powerful.

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