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@Bark i really like ur Mempo, HellFire Ring, gloves and the Echoing Fury...i wanted to change to echoing fury for my monk too but could know which to get with only a budget of 12 mil....

@BelowZero u dun use LS or LoH...can u really survive? i really wanna learn from u....
@william dont know for you champ but any advise for me would be good
@ William - Get some lifesteal since you are dual wielding and not sporting all that much armor and resists you will need something to sustain your HP

@ Haggis - Not a bad balance, although i would suggest getting innas pants for some more attack speed so that your spirit generators are more effective
@fayte - what can i say pretty dam epic :)
@Z3r0 get LS instead of LoH @ 93k dps LS dominates LoH :D

mine's on europe region
@Z3r0 get LS instead of LoH @ 93k dps LS dominates LoH :D

mine's on europe region

Looks like you have some nice gear! your rare ring could use an upgrade, other than that most of your stuff is nice. Maybe in the future aim for a socket on your MH...
@Tarzan, awesome gear man, wish I can find that Blackthorne set and the Inna's pants. Nice 1h weapons as well! nothin to improve :)
@ Reb, looking good; continue to upgrade when you can, especially the gems.
d3jt- Damn you have some nice gear!
@Celbii, pretty good gear, your ring and gems could use a upgrade~
soreboner- looks good maybe a hell fire ring with crit.
^ looking good... i suggest looking for a boots with movement speed... it works wonders :D
@mikotot: standard inna DPS setup. I personally dont like inna as i prefer survivability.

No player linked here, did not try other links sry. Had a better look, good all round build but i would like to see more resist.


Don't see any IAS, it would help you a lot.
@oldman your monk is pretty good. How about dropping some base dps from the Sever to get a 1k dps weapon with dex?
Woops! rated the wrong guy!


Overall solid monk. Your rings, weapon, and chest piece could use the most work. I'm also not seeing any sustain like LoH/LS to tackle higher mp levels. Upgrading your gems would also be a good idea, since they're cheap right now.

Nevertheless, you're working great towards your goal! Keep at it!
@ Krayola

Another monk with what i consider low resist otherwise looking good.

That sever works in a mysterious way. It works really well with LS weapons for some reason.

Really great sustain and that WKL is looking sexy! Unity ring is also very solid! All I have to say is upgrade your gems and you're set!

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