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I'll hop in the thread to start it back up; looks like Captain and Wei09 got their ratings.

I know my gear isn't that great, but I'm getting there. Just wish I had the desire play. Like, at all.
@SUFU1 Very nice monk. Thanks for the advice. I also have a follow up question. I have a nice socketed scorn, I like it but its slow. So while it increases my DPS somewhat and my VIT somewhat is it better for a monk to go with 2 handed or with duals?

u can start with more crafting and change ur gems


unless u go TR, I think its better to stay at dw but im nvr a skorn lover

I can't even think of an upgrade for you that can make you significantly better, aside from 6cc mempo. Cyclone strike works wonder for backlash but I reckon you already know that.

My profile as below, trying to make it mp10 viable but still dying to elite's AOE unless I use acension and near death experience.

By the way, I prefer to stay a cyclone monk as I only play my monk when with others.


you need a new nats rign with CC or CD, that other ring needs to go, you need CD/CC/IAS on it, your OH need dex on it as well,

Nice balanced monk. Only thing is to try and get away from OWE. Hard and expensive to do.
@Drakos sick monk nice you using AR



Little low on EHP but sick weapons and crazy dps.

what can i say. top monk 9.99/10

craft a utimate bracer can bring u passed 400k mark? anyway this is the best monk i see for far in forum i guess


very strong build w bt. maybe u wana get a LS wkl u will be unstoppable


Well-balanced defense stats with 200+k dps.

Very nicely crafted ammy, bracers, shoulders and gloves.


Just curious...how come you have no spirit spender in your build?


I would toss the BT pieces, yes the vit is nice, but i would rock a tals chest and a crafted neck

@PriceTag: You need to get some sustain, LoH or as you crest 100k dps LS. Lots of places to upgrade, but boots -> nats, gloves to bifecta or better, off ring to CC bifecta are places to start.

4/10 but on your way

lot of room for improvement but your definitely on the right track. upgrade gems, craft for new pieces maybe and definitely need a new chest piece. awesome name though(Ip man) 7/10
Nice monk. I think your CC can be push further up (consider a CC nat ring) 8/10

Next person please rate my skill set and my items independently. The items are for cookie cutter but the skill set is Nirvana.
@ yuhhaur

Good DPS, but IMO you need a bit more HP - esp since you only got one LS weapon.

O and Nice crafts!


Nice WKL just try and up your Dex a bit more and you will see positive results!

@CaptainCarl 9/10.. can i have your Shenlong? =p

P/S: be nice to me as i'm on TR mode. Not my cookie cutter build. =p
@FE3DOE 8/10 pretty solid monk i dont know a whole lot about 2 handers
@landen 6/10

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