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Looking great and the only thing I can see would be a 10-12k dps gain if you replaced the red gem in your weapon for the same quality dex gem.

Also it seems you have a hidden damage affix on your Cleave Link....always loved the hideen stuff ;)

Nice Skorn monk!! Not too much to criticize. You have a nice balance. I have also been contemplating whether to do a Ruby or Emerald for the Skorn. How are you liking the Ruby so far? I know you can roll better gloves and shoulders than the one you have already.

I could use a make over. Can do MP6 ok, MP 7 some issues. Not sure where to turn next.

I like the ruby better since Tempest Rush feels alot more consistent in that I can up the MP levels and still oneshot most mobs without relying on a crit to do the trick.

I will get to gloves and shoulders and eventually ammy for crafting but Im about 300 crafts into bracers and still chasing one that I am satisfied with

BTW nice monk --- sweet nat ring, getting a crit one is my next big purchase but itll prob take another 2 months of saving to get into the range of one that I am satisfied with
very nice set for sure but i think those weapons could be the next step into doing those higher mps for you both are nice but possibly get a higher dps weapon in your main hand and move that fury to your offhand

I have no idea where to turn next this monk is recently since i just turned my attention into making him better

u can try crafting new bracer/glove for ur monkee, u might able to break the 100k mark, maybe a better MH too.


Nice monk. Is that 222k DPS number unbuffed or buffed?

Really nice crafts. My only thought is that you could get some higher DPS weapons. In fact, you could try dropping LS on one of them if it's too expensive to keep it.

I got a follower with me, my unbuff dps is around 210k. I'm now trying to craft new eqs to increase my AR so not upgrading weapon for the time being.

Anyway u got a nice monk there, maybe u can change ur lacuni with some crafted bracer since u dunnid the ms Anyway.
nice monks @mafo and shakyspeare......just dreaming to get to that level...:)
@Pravin , maybe need some upgrade on ammy , nice wkl btw :D
@ibleed A skorn monk without tempest rush? Gasp! Your crafted stuff seems nice but I bet you could get a higher dps skorn to really boost your dps!

Nice balanced build monk DPS 109k and eHP 587k ,
I suggest just work on your glove and amulet to squeeze more DPS out

My rating for you is 7/10

For whom that be rating me ,
Just in case that I'm on my TR gears , here is my profile on d3up.

@Jase, you're supposed to rate the person above you! That's me!

Edit: I think your monk is great. A lot of balanced stats and a lot of dps. I really like that Butcher's Sickle. Sick roll with the dex/vit! 8/10
@Amiar , haha I'm doing mp10 Cota run , with this build I can clear it within 2 min including elite :P
@Amiar, sorry 4got to refresh the page before rating ,
when i was reading the Pravin profile i guess u guys already rated him before i can finish rating it .

Well Amiar DPS164,770 and eHP 493k

Nice work , just need more eHP try get better Nat ring and bracer and be great .

My rating for you is 7/10
Amazing build, fantastic use of a relatively unused passive. I'm going to go a 9/10.

I just hope who ever rates me has as good advice as you've passed on.
@Agarath, Monk can use work, hp low, more crit needed. 4/10

Holy gems... 12/10 mang great job.


vvvvv @Shakyspeare vvvvv

I don't mp10 in that gear...
I switch out the fist with CD/OS with one with LS/OS both over 1000dps but a chuck of DPS with the loss of 77CD. (keep the 900dps/ls/cd/os)
And usually switch out the inna's chest for a high vit/res/ar blackthorns. Then lose the witching hour for a dex/ar innas belt. Then I punch.

I use to play with that setup but got tired of dying, the 2.70+2.70LS makes mp10 quite enjoyable. But you don't need me to tell you about dual LS ;)

Everything Looks good, maybe u can try changing ur mh ring.

Would like to check w u, how to do fair doing mp10 with just 1 lifesteal weapon? I'm thinking of getting a high dps mg weapon without lifesteal.

solid build mate! perhaps getting a higher DPS weps ang you'll be snowballin more

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