borderlands 2 F.T.W. - so much fun!!

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yes, it is a different game, but nevertheless it is a game that is FUN...the fun factor in this is BEYOND what D3 could ever bring (hurts me to say this).

borderlands promos:

- more people / more enemies / more loots / better loots
- elemental damages does matter depending on the type of enemies
- great storyline
- character grows base on not only gear, but personal skills tree & BADASS ranking system for more customize bonus on the side to earn

my personal take on a game that has been awaited so long and it feels like we're still in BETA is just plain sad.
Like rubbing salt on wounds? lol
I hear it doesn't have PvP.
09/19/2012 07:00 PMPosted by DemonHumper
I hear it doesn't have PvP.

and this has?? can duel each other for fun anytime in the game
I'll be more cautious with my $60 this time. Share us your opinion after a month or two
I have to say im having fun with bl2
Funny characters and writing.
Voice chat in MP.
I tried to play D3 while I was DLing BL2 last night. Ping was was too high to play A3 due to the DL, so I joined a random pub in early act 2. Still got 1-shotted by Shatterbone :'( my own fault for standing next to him with no diamond skin up and 0.5 latency I guess.

Anyways! I only got my gunzerker to level 7 but the game is good so far. Very funny writing. Even funnier than BL1 (maybe not funnier than the Knoxx DLC). They definitely improved enemy AI from BL1, as in made it more difficult.

Also, I think there were some nods to the Diablo series in there. For example, some of the first guns you find will have names like "leather rifle." There is an area called Frostburn something or other and there is a town called Sanctuary.

So far, BL2 FTW!
Borderlands 2 is alright, if all you wanted was a Borderlands 1 DLC that cost $60.

If anyone is on the fence about buying it, I'd suggest waiting for a price drop. The game is virtually identical to the first game.

3/4 of the OP's points existed in the first game. The only new thing, is the badass ranking system, which is basically just points you can put into permanent boosts, which are randomly selected (ie: gun damage +1%, etc)
09/20/2012 08:53 AMPosted by Seraphi
Borderlands 2 is alright, if all you wanted was a Borderlands 1 DLC that cost $60.

The first Borderlands was decent. The second one is far better in every way.

09/19/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Gorthon
Funny characters and writing.

Tiny Tina had me rolling. I hope she has more stuff for me to do later on.

Probably will be more enjoyable when multiplayer is working though. Lots of awesome references to other games, movies, tv shows and such.

Game is also more difficult than the first. Died far more before 20 in this one that I did in the first one. Might have something to do with Maya's Siren ability though. I played Lilith in the first one and phasewalking was so great for getting out of 'oh !@#$' moments.
The game has been awesome so far.

Where do they get those intro songs? I played "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" over and over and over. Looks like "Short Change Hero" will get the same play time from me.

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