Icon of Mantra flickering at top left corner?

I notice a tiny icon of mantra flickering at top left corner of the screen when I use my Mantra of Evasion. It looks buggy. Does not look like it is working as intended. Not sure about other mantra.

Do you have similar problem?
I thought it was something to do with the followers icons on the GUI being fubar.. I have noticed.. it flashes very quickly.
I too have been getting this. At first I thought the game was glitching so I did some stress tests on my PC and everything was fine. Then I payed close attention to it and noticed it was the icon of my mantra. I tried to grab it in a screenshot but it doesn't turn out(from what Ive understood, you cannot screenshot glitches). This seems to be the case.

I thought all was fine but then went to play a game yesterday and it started stuttering then froze for about 2 seconds while my computer speaker beeeeeeeped then everything resumed back to normal.

Seriously, its only THIS GAME which gives me issues. I ran CSGO for an hour long game and not a single hiccup. Is there a way to validate all my files are in tact?

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