Game Freezes Using Bola Shot Acid Strike

Demon Hunter
Seems like this is happening to a lot of ppl, is there any known fix for this yet or do I have to stop using this skill? Its annoying getting 5 NV and my game crashing...
It happens to me too! I currently use HA but am also bidding on a Dead man's legacy with +bola shot dmg, so is there any known reason for that particular bug?
have you guys filed a bug report? I've seen this happen to others that were in my game

maybe it's fixed in 1.0.5 with the new bola changes, who knows..

super annoying, would like to buy a DML w/ bola dmg increases too but whats the point if my game crashes when I use this skill... Anyone know anything about this?
I've had this problem as well...but only recently this past week or 2. Happens usually during act 3 on rakkis crossing or at arreat. I actually thought it was because I'm playing on my Imac bootcamp.
its happens to me all the time too skill is the best bola imo needs to be fix asap.

it happens alot what i use bola then another skill then spam bola again the whole game goes ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sounds crazy can on taskmanger out

ive had its happen to me every where but mostly in a3 i spam bola/entang/bola/entang and when thing get a lil pumped up from action bam freeze ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

i also use stand still key alot too

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