Upgrade Win7 to 8 thoughts?

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Is it worth upgrading Win 7 ultimate 64bit to windows 8 home premium if you don't own a touch screen?

I tried the open beta nad honestly I don't like it much.
No. Windows 8 is not necessary at all for gamers.
if you don't own a touchscreen? no.

windows 8 is irrelevant for desktop PCs, unless you have a touchscreen on your desktop PC. the only reason windows 8 is being made is to standardize the NT kernel across all windows devices, such as the phones, surface, tablets, etc. the windows 7 kernel wasn't efficient enough to just straight port over, so they rewrote it so it would run on the wide range of devices/hardware that people use these days. this is my understanding of it, anyways.

in the end, windows 8 may be a cool deal for everyone but desktop PC users.
Lol it's like iOS 6 and Windows 8... the two OS's you DON'T need!

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