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Success? Please explain.

The fact that, looking at your gear, your only life regen mechanic was relying upon Sever. This strikes me as a "putting all your eggs in one basket" scenario. Compared to Genghis Khan, who ontop of his sever has 5.7 LS, and 1k life regen. I imagine that if he was to get around 1.6k LoH, he'd be able to handle a Sever nerf.

I just equiped it to see what it does for dps and the 22% additional demon damage, I wasn't aware of the LS proc. With shield I am almost immune to most monster/elite damage anyway.
Delete ur copy and make a new 1.
09/24/2012 12:30 PMPosted by NexusOne
Delete ur copy and make a new 1.

Has that been tested yet ;)
wait oops we didnt want that sever to actually be viable
Ok, I tested the sever after copying over my character. I kept switching swords in my off hand between the sever and the rune sword during a couple elite battles. I stood in the way of arcane sentries and stood in molten on purpose to see what the difference in LS was (doing between 90-100k damage). I think I noticed it was a bit better in favor of the sever, though it was not that big a difference, very slight. I also have one of the best severs as far as dps (lucky find) so that would help a bit too.

Given the sever is generally a low dps weapon, nerfing any ability to boost LS with it is not very smart on Blizzards part. It needs to have something going for it, even if it isn't all that much. I read where Jay said if something was 10-15 percent better than it was supposed to be, they tend to leave those alone. I think this falls into that category.
Success in the vein that since this is a game that will undergo changes in the future, potentially game shattering changes, those who diversify not for the sake of diversity, but for the sake of being able to adapt to changes is key. If you gamble your character on one mechanic you run the very real risk that your character can be crippled.

For an example: I'm using the CM/SC build. I recognized very early on that my build was, most likely, going to be nerfed. Instead of overly specializing my character and his gear to be pigeonholed to ONLY that spec, I did my best to choose gear that could work on a variety of specs, and keep enough money on hand to re-gear as needed, and in a worst case scenario gear up an entirely new character. Due to this, my build being nerfed is a complete non-issue. I didn't bet the farm on the gravy train chugging off into the sunset unto perpetuity, and it's paying off.
^ why I also play multiple characters.

I had not seen the Sever bug, and I just found a really nice one very interesting.
09/24/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Atanatar
The proc is was meant purely for flavor, not to near insta-heal you.

I have a spear with 3k heal on kills. when I'm killing 7 or 8 mobs at a time im fully healed every second or so. No reason a super hard to find item with a 1 in 30+ chance of having the correct stat doing the same thing should be taboo
wtf? I thought that was the whole idear behind sever? Why would they create an item like that and then call it exploiting?

If they remove the ability to heal from the crits the weapon will go down to brimstone value
Creep dropped me this weapon today, tested it, at first i thought the last-hit high critical value is only for show (highest go up to 30mil), put on my LS belt to test if it works, the result was amazing! whenever i killed any creep with it, full health. I think it work perfectly for very fast killer, high critical chance and low resist player like me.

Is the nerf confirmed?
So this just tells they don't even test their patch before releasing it. still a demo game. so what about the witch docter knife who has the same abillity? will it get nerfed to. maby its time to uninstall and sell the gold. not on the rmah.

@ombofist - yes it is

I may have jumped the gun. When I read it I assumed they hit Sever with the nerf-bat pretty hard. I haven't been able to log in to the PTR. Hopefully it's still viable.

No, they haven't nerfed it. It's just something they're looking into. For all we know, they won't do a thing to it.

I don't use sever, but I did try one. It was cool, but didn't match my playstyle. That said, it pretty much states in the blue bug post, that they feel people are using it to 'abuse' the lifesteal mechanic. That is pretty damning.
Kinda glad I read this beforehand. I was about to buy one off the AH. I'll see where this goes. If they decide not to do anything to it. I'll buy one. :)
I just wanted to jump in really quickly to clarify that we have no current plans to change how the Legendary sword Sever or the Rest in Pieces affix functions. I can assure you there is no nerf, and none were ever announced. We were briefly looking into Sever (which is why it appeared in the Known Issues List), but ultimately decided against making any changes.
I love how someone says they will use the auction house if... and blue response

That being said, If you guys could leave the proc rate on my Barbarian tornadoes alone I will spend all kinds of $$$ on the AH.

EDIT - I couldn't resist being a bit of a smart a$ there but in all seriousness I appreciate the blue community interactions and I feel like the barbarian "nerfs" are reasonable
10/01/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Vaeflare
I just wanted to jump in really quickly to clarify that we have no current plans to change how the Legendary sword Sever or the Rest in Pieces affix functions. I can assure you there is no nerf, and none were ever announced. We were briefly looking into Sever (which is why it appeared in the [url=""]Known Issues List[/url]), but ultimately decided against making any changes.

careful it is another bait and switch, just like they said with barbarians. "hey guys you can keep WW a fun viable build" then they deicde to nerf it for more RMAH sales
Good idea not to touch it imo.

You sacrifice a lot of Dps to use a Sever. I think its nice that some Legendary have those cool neat utility Stat. Sever really shines in that department. It would be pretty useless if it was nerfed.

Now at least it has a purpose. Its a nice cheaper way to get some life. Its like an awesome starter sword for people new to inferno. They just have to realize, they need some life steal stat to make it work to its full potential.

I know tons of things Blizzard is busy with, esp since 1.5 is in PTR.

That being said. If anything is changed to Sever, It should just have Life Steal on it. They could also nerf how strong it heals for, if the healing is over powered like a lot are saying it is. Than again, look at Barbs Heals~

tmtr -

Sever is cool, maybe add life steal to it and nerf the life steal slightly. You sacrifice dps for the life steal. Its a good trade off for a lot of players who are new to Inferno. Items like this is cool~
Yea, I don't trust anything that Blizz Say's, after they said they wouldn't touch WW build, and go and nerf it into the ground for the barb builds... WTF. Screw blizz. Won't spend another dollar on any of their games. i'll play dIII, but, they won't get a dime out of me.

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