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and probably most of us live in the US :)
Tagalongs are my favorite type of girl scout cookie
Btw Guys.. i just tried PTR last night, MP5 muna.. so far ok sya, namatay ako one time dahil sa lag (zzzzZz). Mobs and Elites took longer time to kill than the usual. Here are my stats:

DPS: 100k
LifeSteal: 5.60% (both weapons)
Attack Speed: 2.00
HP: 31.8k HP (i will need more HP when i try higher MP levels)
AR: 540
Armor: 5.1k (no enchantress)

The above stats is unbuffed. Will try MP7 tonight and lets see how it goes ^^.


Hi Guys, just tried MP7 with the following stats:

DPS: 100k
LifeSteal: 5.60% (both weapons)
Attack Speed: 2.08
HP: 31.8k HP - still the same
AR: 540
Armor: 5.1k (no enchantress)

Mobs and elites are now much longer to kill. Reflect damage is now more painful and had to pop cooldowns like BOH, blind and Serenity to keep me going (BTW, im using Beacon of Ytar as my new passive, the new cooldown rate is nice and i can chain these three skills to keep me alive).

Due to a significant armor loss.. these reflect elite monsters in MP7 becomes more painful in the A*!. What i did is i switch to MOE > Hard Target + enchantress and i can say that it worked for me. Using the same Amount of AR of 540, I can stand longer in desecrated areas, poison and even can take 1-2 hits from arcane before moving. This made my run smoother without dying, its just that mobs and elites takes longer to die zzzzzz.

It's either i upgrade my vit, armor and AR (lose DPS further depending on the gear change) and go back to MOC > Overawe buff or i upgrade my DPS significantly and stick with MOE > Hard Target.

Probably ill stick with MP7 for now.
Add loh on ammy and rings and will be fine
With ls on weaps
add nyo ako LEONOR#1691
Prang fb lang pa add lmao pa like
Add loh on ammy and rings and will be fine
With ls on weaps

Ya that's what im planning to do for my rings as well.. Will do a quick search tonight via AH before i copy my latest updated Character by tomorrow evening ^^.
add me as well Super6#1438
Sa mga nasa Metro Manila, ano internet nyo?
Grabe yung latency ng BayanDSL, may mga nagkakaproblema din ba jan o ako lang?
For those who tried PTR, can you confirm if WOTF 2nd hit procs cyclone sweeping wind already? coz for now bugged pa sya for current patch. If this is fixed then id consider using blazing fist WOTF again for much faster run due to MS/ AS bonus
Mine always got 1k + latency during rainy season. :(
I tried MP5 tonight for the first time (my first play actually) and yeah I agree with jon and hotsoz, leech and life steal will become in demand again. Monsters' health and damage do scale by MP level. My armor is reduced to 5k plus now from 6K plus. So that sucks.

Can anyone confirm how valuable vit, ar and armor at MP6-10 and what should be the priority? Cheers!
damage scales in mp? i thought just hp. they're probably just hitting you more since they take a lot longer to die. imo the min req of ar 600 for monks just moved up to 750-800 and vit higher than 35k now esp with reflect coming.
ang dami pala pinoy na Diablo fan lol. meron ba tayong ventrillo?
may pa god monk god monk pa nalalaman weak naman =)
10/01/2012 09:20 PMPosted by reydan369

kulang ka sa resist brad.. kahit 100k+ dps mo .. baba naman resist mo... palakda ka ka niyan =(

ow really? wala nmn ako ngka problema sa farm with 560 AR and 3k+ armor lng... wala ako ngka STI ngaun... bsta taas na damage mo pwde ka na mg less sa defensive stats... =) pero pg 1.0.5 nah, bago na tlga... pero sa ngaun, dont need much defense when you have a lot of damage.

ok yan pag solo.. pero pag party.. tapos sabayan mo ng arcane, molten, desec elite gg yang monk mo. try mo no kills .. dami laglag ng alamat at set =) wag kna mag ingles.. baka magiba laglag sa susunod na maintenance masita pa 750m nko eh =)
"D3 Pinoy Monks" sa FB paki-hanap nalang lipat naten mga katropa dun. tulong2 nalang po sa pagsasa-ayos at naway maging maganda ang ating samahan...
Dojo#1508 sali ako sa inyo :)
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