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Hey guys I'm in need of some advice on upgrades for my computer. I want to be able to stream and run PC games without lag, and my birthday is coming up soon so I might beef up my computer.
The current specs are :
Processor : AMD Phenom 9600 B Quad-Core Processor ~2.3GHz
4096MB RAM
GFX card : NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
Power supply : EXTREME ATX 450W
Motherboard : Asus M2N68-AM PLUS
core i-5 PC, 4GB of RAM, windows 7 home premium, 1TB HDD (if can afford buy a SSD and make that your primary drive C: - will enhance your game speed/performance), get coolermaster Powersupply and fans as they're the best out there. NVidia graphic cards (latest as long you can afford the price - depends on range - get the best that you can) - it beats ATI cards flat out due to more stable tho abit more pricey.

There you go should not cost you more than 500-1k USD. Go to a trustworthy/possibly famous PC shop at your area and ask them to build it up for you. Give them the above specs. Ask for some advice as well.

Desktop is better/cheaper for gaming purpose. Laptops are expensive and unmodable - u get what you bought and need to stick to it - can only add RAM the most - get this only and only if you need alot of mobility with your gaming machine.
Firstly, you need to tell us what your budget is so that we can work out how you can get the most bang for your buck.

Going with the above post, consider going 8GB RAM instead since RAM is still dirt cheap and Seasonic or Antec for quality power supply.

Keep in mind if you decide to go with an SSD, it will only decrease load up times and will not affect things like rubber banding.

Stay with Windows 7 and don't bother with Windows 8 unless you like the idea of having a clunky tablet experience on a desktop and spending 30 minutes trying to figure out where the control panel is.
Check this guide out if you are willing to build your own.
BTW, your system as whole is very outdated, and I would recommend getting new.
Agreed, a new system from the ground up would be the best option rather than keeping your current rig on life support.

I agree with Mark's suggestions. Intel CPUs are profoundly better for gaming, but despite this, AMD procs are still sufficient for most games (and substantially cheaper). A better processor however, will give you more headroom for your graphics card and reduce bottlenecking.

I would most definitely recommend an SSD. You can get a smallish capacity SSD for $100-200.

For a graphics card, D3 isn't as graphically intensive as say, Skyrim. You could get an older Nvidia GTX 400 series card which would run D3 fine.

And 8 GB RAM minimum for sure; RAM is cheap these days.
Yeah, your rig is kinda old. I'd say it's time for a new build. You can build a decent one for around 800-1000$. If you want the best of the best, it's going to cost you 2k and up.

New graphics card
New cpu
SSD would greatly help the load time etc.

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