Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

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Will do champ im from australia so my times may be really different to yours though
I am considering having y'all do a build for me, at the same time I love playing the market myself and I think I have done pretty well thus far :-p.
I've definitely seen way worse.
i can solo inferno but cannot defeat diablo. got stuck in the realm of terror. i'm on a budget as i have limited golds (8M). here is my barb . i know, no LOH and crit :( i am very poor lolz! anyway, i am worried about the nerf of warcry impunity from 50% to 20% in the upcoming patch. this will surely affect my barb-play. any suggestions on how i can defeat the big boss before the patch? thanks.
Huge thank to Rezic for gearing me, i went from 25k dps to 68k dps b4 battle rage!!
i still have heaps of hp and resis to face tank mobs. Basically the full set up only cost 46mill what a bargain! Very honest guy and he was super fast too.
I'm very excited to play my barb now as u guys can tell. :)
Hi Rezic. I've got a 5 million budget and i'd like to try a SnB build. i'll look for you in game!
I have around 2.5 million to spend for a 2H set, and I was looking to keep my neck and wep. Let me know what you can do to help, thanks

Edit: I have been trouble with act 2 survivability I am sure it is my resists and armor
I have around 2.5 million to spend for a 2H set, and I was looking to keep my neck and wep. Let me know what you can do to help, thanks

Edit: I have been trouble with act 2 survivability I am sure it is my resists and armor

2.5 mil won't cut it with a 2h build

Rezic just regeared me, he was super helpful, nice and extremely fast. Gave insightful advice and I will definitely come back for him to regear me in the future.

Keep up the great work, I appreciate it.
im currently running a ww barb in act 3 and can farm fast but die 5-6 times every run and if i get stuck on an elite mob more then that. can you help me with some of my gear i can have close to a 50mil budget
Just like to say a big thanks to Rezic, helped me gear up my barb and now I'm happily windwalking my way through alk runs and paragon levels like no ones business.

He was fast, helpful and did a great job. All in all, couldn't be happier.

Thanks mate.
So how exactly does this work? I have a 30m budget and would like to power up my barb!

I have a budget of 12 million and would like your assistance with gearing to play SnB.
Hi Rezic, I have about a 25~30 million budget to upgrade my WW barb.
Maybe even re-gear to SnB/ 2h if it will increase my overall farming/leveling efficiency.
Thanks Rezic ! for gearing me up the other night. Gave him my 20 million and he does his magic! Half and hour later he came back with all the gears he bought for me. Definitely vouch for this guy!! If u guys have the budget and are having difficulty clearing inferno.. He's the man to find!! Will indeed find him again when i have more golds to upgrade my gears! Btw loving the 2 Hander rend build!!
Hi Rezic, I just added you in the game. I have 80m budget and need your assistance in gearing my barb. I still would like to use my barb as a WW spec when 1.05 patch comes out. Thanks in advanced!
Currently having Ender working on a WW re-gear for v1.05 at a budget of 150m

Current Gear: put together during grinding as my only character

Re-gear: Will let you know and post when completed on improvements
10/08/2012 11:57 AMPosted by ChronoTriggr
I know shame on me for asking such a dumb question
Its not dumb its just very difficult to answer, given the answer is based on the players definition of the word decent.
Hey Rezic i sent you friend invite , i have 80 to 100 mil budget to upgrade my Barb and I could use some help preparing for 1.0.5
My Barb tears up Inferno 1.0.4 but I'm kinda stumped what to do next in terms of upgrades.

WTF why can't i check my profile ? can you guys see my chars ?
@raindog, bloodyassasn, xVCx, Matt, Brianchia - Send me a friend request in-game with your
budget. I'll get you started.

@Kerfuffin - i can't do anything 2h for 2.5m. Honestly, the more 2h i gear, the more I really don't like doing it for less than 20m. I am able to make cheaper 2h sets, but I'm not happy with the outcome because the gears is so much more expensive, therefore, I don't want to do it.

@Lanskie - Send me a friend request in-game with your budget. We talk build a little more, too.

@PixelCheese - I can't see your heroes either, but just send me a friend request in game with your budget. I'll hook you up.

@Everyone - 2 new rules.

First rule:
20m minimum for 2h gearing. Yes, it is possible to build a 2h set for less, but I'm not happy with the stats you get for a 2h build less than 20m. The gear is significantly more expensive than equivalent SnB gear, because you have to include higher defensive stats on the armor. I don't want to build someone a set they will have a tough time with in Act 3.

Second rule:
Because of overwhelming demand of my services, I'm instituting a 5m minimum on building gear sets. That's 5m plus 10% fee (500k) minimum (5.5m total). My goal is to serve the barb community to the best of my ability, and this will help me prioritize people needing help.

OP edited.

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