Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

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@rezic great gears man wonderful set couldn't be happier

guys rezic did a great job on a SnB set for me. raised dps from 38k to 75k, all res unbuffed 500, health 54k, armor 7200, block 33%, cc and cd 45 and 330, plus 2 bis items, ice climbers and strongarm bracers, and got 11mil of my budget back to boot. these guys have an awesome service and really and i mean really know what they are doing. hit em up, you won't be disappointed
Looking to gear out a barb, 150mil budget, want to talk in game.
sent friend request
hey guys. i have been playing around with my barb, and i want to do a 2handed build. Question now is do i buy the gear now or wait until patch 1.05. Any suggestion as to what weapon and armor i was thinking somewhere around 25 mill budget.
@rezarblades - Done building your gear set. Find me in-game!

@BloodWraithe - Send me a friend request in-game. I'll hook you up!
@Rezic i sent you a request.
@BloodWraith - I'll be back a little later tonight. Been on the majority of the afternoon, and need to get some other stuff done. Peace until then!
@rezic sent you a request a bit back, still waiting on the add I think? Let me know what's happening, I think i'll have about a 16m budget or so, can you work with that?
Hi can anyone tell me which equipment should I improve on next? Currently I have 1.4M as my Budget.
Thanks in advance.
i need help to know what upgrade in my stuff for more dps (i'm upraging + changing gem atm)
Hello, I've got a question for you guys if you don't mind.

I've been away from the game for a long time now and so my barbarians gear is very outdated by today's standards (really, it wasn't anything special back when I did play near release!). Anyways, I was thinking about spending some money on the RMAH to get some gold to get back into the game. If I had a 100 million budget what build would you recommend? I've always liked SnB. Since you mentioned that SnB is good for people struggling in inferno, I was wondering if that also means it'd be a good investment for 1.05 as I try to work my way up in monster power levels? Or would you suggest going with something else on a 100m budget?

Thanks in advance.
Hey man,

Can you see what gears or skills should I improve to go through act III without so many death?

Thank you.
Thanks for the help tonight Rezic. I was curious if you could link something that would give me an idea of what to expect?
@Cerrus - Can't see your D3 hero, because you have your Starcraft profile up. However, with 1.4m I'm not going to be able to gear you. Save up 5.5m and let me know.

@RoHPredator - You need to get better gloves, amulet, helm, rings, and shield. Your other pieces are fine. What's your budget?

@Renth - Would highly recommend a SnB set for 100m. It's going to be the best progression gear you can buy for the money (versus a 2h or WW set). Very tough, and still decent damage output. You will be able to push MP levels. How far, is up to your personal preference, and skill. Let me know when you've got your gold! Send me or Ender a friend request in-game with your budget included.
yes Rezic thanks for the help tonight.
I received my gears from Rezic. I must say that he has done an excellent job! My squishy barb is no longer squishy anymore! i can breeze through inferno without much difficulty! the gears that he managed to get for me are absolutely amazing! Trust me, guys.. They are the experts in gearing your barbs! Highly recommended for anyone who is playing a squishy barb!! I will definitely look for them again once I need better gear!!

Once again,
Thanks Rezic!!!
Hi Rezic,

Took a long break from D3, haven't played since before 1.03 and I'm not sure where to invest my gold next. The iAS nerf seems to have hurt me with my weapon and chest piece, so those will likely need replacing.

Had trouble in Act 3 because of enrage timers, otherwise I was fine in the first few areas. I'll send you an add when I get home from work as well.

My aim, for now, is to simply finish inferno and get a foothold in farming.
Heya, got between 38 and 50 mil to spend coming up shortly here. Keen to grab gear for either S/B or WW pending on which will end up being better in 1.5 and with my budget/gear. Keen for a chat about it either way and to see what ya'll think. Interesting in your services either way :) Barb in my profile.
@liquid - you need better gloves (higher str roll), bracers with AR, better ammy and rings, better shoulders, belt with higher AR and vit. Don't get too fixated on legendaries. There are some rare which would offer better "bang for your buck." What's your budget?

Yeah, that's pretty much everything that I said already.

Although you surprised me a bit with the shoulder comment. My shoulders are already pretty decent with 185 str, 73 vit, 80 AR and 44 arcane. They could be improved on with some higher strength, or add some % life or armor bonus, but that is a pretty hard find for something that matches that. Looking at the AH right now, there is one Vile Ward and one Rare (50mil and 30mil) correspondingly that are better than what I have on now stats wise, except they both lose a bit of resist. Losing the resist is fine, but until I upgrade the belt or bracers, isn't feasible at the moment.

Waiting on 1.0.5 for jewelry, gloves were mf'd so haven't been worried about them. belt upgrade is contingent on whether or not I keep the ik gloves (don't want to lose the set bonus 60 AR at the moment). my strongarms are a very rare roll having resist on them at all (they were mf'd), but I don't think in 1.0.4 they can even roll AR. Finding something with enough vit on it to make up the difference for the % life loss, isn't doable either unless I were to pick up the % life bonus elsewhere (or change out the gem in my helm).

I think all your suggestions are good but would be hard to act on without redoing large parts of my gear to rebalance out. Its not worth dumping a ton of cash for what might be small incremental changes at the moment.

I am interested in thoughts specifically on the jewelry, or thoughts on specific stats to look for if you think any of the above thoughts are flawed (or will result in large gains).

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