Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

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@Ender or @ Rezic

Looking for a great set for my soon to be 60 barb. Like the idea of 2h. I'm looking for the best, and as such my budget is in excess of 2billion.

Please let me know which of you I should add in game, if you can help!
@Jay, @Pooky, @Untamed - Will be happy to help! Send me a friend request. See you in-game.

@Cirra - Absolutely. We'll make you a kick butt set. See you in-game.

@Vizo - What Ender said bro. Can't wait to see how he's gonna hook you up!
Looking for a great set for my soon to be 60 barb. Like the idea of 2h. I'm looking for the best, and as such my budget is in excess of 2billion.
You should be adding me =)
@Everyone - I think it's important to offer some clarity on Ender's and my goal here on the forums because I've noticed some "ping-ponging" back and forth. Perhaps some people aren't clear on who to ask for help in which categories.

Ender trained me and got me started by vouching for me and pointing people with lower budgets in my direction. I would be nowhere without his knowledge and trust in me. I will always be working cooperatively with Ender (never taking business from him), for the good of the community. My long-term goals are to increase in knowledge and ability so I can effectively gear anyone with any budget--but that's a learning process.

Presently, I am growing in my ability, and Ender has cleared me to start working on builds 20m and lower. If you need gear sets above 20m, please direct your requests to Ender (he does charge a fee). Having said this, if you're right around the 20m cap (+/-), please direct your questions to me. Ender's and my goal is helping the entire community, which practically means keeping Ender's skills focused on bigger projects. If I can help at all by keeping him from getting swamped with some of the workload, then I have succeeded.
Would love some help. Advice in 10M buckets up to 40M would be appreciated.
Hey will I see you in game because I am playing on EU? Hmm didn't think of that.
@Fergie - Not sure what you mean. Advice in 10M buckets?
Friend request sent i think. my tag is Fourstrings#1300 if you didnt get it.
currently have level52 barb sir, with maybe 5m budget. I would like to enroll in your barb school mr. Rezic when I hit 60 :) my tag is beastwithin#1774
oh and u guys are cool, thanks for the help :)
Right now I have a lvl 60 with Paragon 13. I have made it to Diablo on Inferno but can't quite kick him. Got him half way there. Maybe you could help with some final shopping to finish her off.
Got about a 5mil budget, not really sure where to go with myself, I would be willing to try out a new build if needed but WW seems to get the job done for the time being.

Added you in-game. Thanks in advance~ hope to hear from you soon.
I have played Diablo since it was first released by Sierra, got all the expansions, loved the change to Diablo II, then LOD. I never actually finished Hell, probably due to inexperience or lack of gear. I might go back and give it a go.

The Barb is my favorite character and I have managed to take 2 female Barbs to lvl 60, one I deleted on another account and I intend to eventually get past Diablo in inferno.

Here are my questions for those of you who have made it through. They are probably basic to you regular gamers.

1. Is it best to use a two handed weapon, two weapons, or a weapon and a sword?
2. What passive and active skills are best at that level.
3. And when shopping, what stats are the most important.

My last question is why would someone want to sell something for 1 billion. Why can't they be realistic when pricing.
@Rezic, need help with my DPS. 10 million budget.
Hi Rezic currently running frenzy build dual. I need some help gearing up 8m budget. I dont mind switching to SnB if thats what it takes to be able to farm more effectively any help would be great.
Hello Rezic. I need some advice on my barb, my weakness and how I should go able improving my stats. Hope you can help to take a look when you got the time.
I probably try to gear my barb myself since we live in different timezone

Basically I am running a SnB build. My budget now is $2million. I now can clear inferno act2 fairly comfortably. got raped in act3 machines of war.
@ Devil - its the 18% block 70 something AR one. What your doing wrong is probably try to sit there face tanking him, you need to be doing ALOT of kiting in the diablo fight. ur basically waiting till ur IP comes up then going in to dps, waiting till ur hp get low, hitting ignore pain, continue dpsing so it heals you, and running away once you have full hp, rinse and repeat. Use leap to enter combat and leave it. Wait to use WoTB till you have IP as well, hit WoTB, then hit IP once ur HP is low, same as above. Ignore pain is the single most important thing in that build, and if you use it improperly, you will die. Also, you CANNOT get trapped in his cage and then bitten, you MUST avoid these. you can tell where they are comming by spots on the the ground and he does a cast animation.
Whats up rezic I hit inferno this week and have just been doing my own thing so I'm probably messed up pretty bad. I have 2million gold, yesterday I had 1 so I'm growing daily, but with the 2 I have how should I go about my gear. My goal is to blow through content as quick as possible to further gear ASAP with goals of being top dog come 1.0.5. Where should I go from here? Willing to invest it all if doing so will in turn yield more high valued items quicker. I know RNG is involved but if it's a good chance doubling my farming speed will get me to where I need to be then it's completely worth it.

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