Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

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Yeah when Rezic found them he msged. I believe he said he got them for 100k. CRAZY. This guy has been trained well, I look forward to making a few more mil to have him upgrade me a bit and maybe be so kind as to walk me threw how he finds these deals.
I have around 20M to spend and want to improve my gear aswell as keeping MF/even getting it to cap.

If that is possible I would be very pleased. Looking forward to your respons :)

You can add me ingame if you want to chat
Hey I also am in need of some help. I cant get thru inferno without getting murdered like 20 times by monsters. What am I doing wrong? My resist are over 900 when buffed...
Anyway my budget to get thru inferno is around 10 mil. Lemme no if u can help me out.

would love some help too! budget is around 20m. Can get through act 2 fairly easily but struggle pretty badly in act 3.

Yo I posted you a link to the google docs for the new intro for the thread on your skype.
Absolutely amazing, thanks so much I give him 33 Mil and he came back with a new set for me within 30 mins and even had 3 mil left over. Great way to progress through if you're having trouble or even help optimize your set for expeditious farming.
got myself served by rezic. got my dps and hp up. Currently very happy with my gear. thumbs up.
Hi Rezic,

Thanks for trying to help the community.

I would like to get your service to re-gear my barb and I have about 7m budget, maybe a bit more depending on when is my turn (still have to farm for about 500k more for you as tips ^__^).

Below are the stats I am looking for (although I'm not sure if this is possible with 7m). I do have some gears that could be usable though (at least i think, but you and Ender are the gurus). Please let me know if this is realistic.

glove - 73 vit, 46 physical resist, 33 CD, 6 ias, 6 cc
amulet - some average damage, 100 str, 100 vit, 7 CC
shoulder - 194 str, 93 vit, 11% life, 58 fire resist

~55k dps unbuff
~500 AR unbuff
~50k life
~8000 armor

Will add you and send u a msg when i get home tonight. I will reach home about 11 pm Malaysia time (it is currently 3.20 pm in Malaysia).

Rezic = amazing

Look at my gear to see what he got me for 10mil :P

Bought everything except the helm, and there was even some money left over.

Thanks so much highly recommended.
Dear Rezic,

I would like to get some advice from you after finally beating the game with my barb.

Everything except the helm, amulet and glove my character is wearing now is farmed.
Helm was bought when i was giving the WWBarb a go.
Picked up my Amulet & glove to optimize my crit chance to crit damage ratio. (300K and 75K respectively, hope no bad deals here)

1. Am i having too much HP?

2. Doing alright in Act 3 now, but come the WC-impunity nerf in 1.05, I believe i most likely need the AR on my helm. Shield Also? Could you advice on which other pieces i would need to change? My bracers? What else?

3. Experimenting with my 3rd passive slot. Using bloodthirst now. Would you think tough as nails is mandatory for my barbarian?

Thank you so much for your advice!! And your efforts in helping the barb community. =D
Hi guys,

Very nice thread, thx.

I am looking for some advice regarding gear and build. With my current build/gear I can beat Inferno Act 4 solo with few deaths but it's a bit slow sometimes. I have good surviveability but my DPS is too low, so I am looking towards higher damage output without taking too much of a hit on other aspects. This may mean changing my build as well as my gear.

I guess you just offer the shopping for US accounts, so if that's ok I would be grateful of just advice. Here is the direct link to my profile:

There are some bits there I KNOW I need to change such as the Litany, it has the wrong stats, but it dropped for me and well, I'm just kind of hanging on to it, I don't even know if it would be worthwhile selling it and substituting for another one with STR or just find something more suitable altogether.

Thanks for any help!
Hey guys

Can you bump me above 100k dps and add to AR/armour/Vit? Yeah I know, I want everything hehe. I have 20m and am seeking to go to the next level (as high MP as I can post 1.05). Thanks ;)

I need some advise. My current ammy has been with me for a long time and it has served me well. Especially when i moved into DW build, but now I've been using 2h I am starting to think LoH wont make as much impact, considering Im using Overpower-Revel and Revenge for life gain. What stats should I consider to replace my LOH in my amulet? AR?

Any advise on what gear I should upgrade and what skills i could change to improve my character? I am doing well in Act 3-4 as long as I play intelligently and I am patient. But I just want to push my character more into godly levels.

@Gebbstet - You're not going to like my answer. I don't gear people on the EU server (Only on the US server). Sorry, friend. I can provide any advice you might want, tho. As far as your gear, you're doing a relatively good job at picking your pieces, i would replace, however, your gloves (more CC, add CD, and drop primary stats a bit), your helm (get an HoC w/crit + socket... expensive but worth it for survivability), and your pants (more primary stats or sockets, drop your AR a bit). Best of luck!

@MunzEversor - What kind of build are you going for? Are you really doing a 2H WW build? If so, not my area of expertise. However, regardless of whether you're doing 2h WW or not, your main issue, is you don't have enough survivability (Armor, HP) for 2h. For 10m I can get you started on gearing the right way for 2h. You are making common gearing mistakes (Refer to the OP): 8, 12, 14, 16. Send me a friend request in-game and i'll hook you up!

@ith - I would love to hook you up. You are making common gearing mistakes (Refer to the OP): 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 16. Send me a friend request in game and we'll get started!

@jeanxxx82 - I can build you a great set for 7m. Your estimates on what you want for stats are close to probable, your actual DPS will prolly be a bit lower though (40-50k). Other than that, we should be good! I probably won't reuse any of those gear pieces, thanks for checking though. Find me in-game!

@jump - To answer your questions:
1. No (although it wouldn't hurt to drop a little to focus on something else).
2. The nerfs to WC-impunity won't affect you. The incoming damage is also being nerfed, so it's actually a net buff. The only people the nerf will affect is the uber rich who decide to drop WC all together because their gear compensates.
3. Scrapping a +Armor passive for a Lifesteal passive is not something i would ever suggest for anyone except again, uber rich who have gear good enough that they don't need the +Armor (this is not you).
You're making common gear mistakes (refer to the OP): 6, 7, 10, 11. Overall, you don't have horrible gear, we would need to change quite a few pieces tho (helm, shield, rings, gloves). Find me in-game!

@YrWiddfa - You're making common gear mistakes (refer to the OP): 6, 11 (Rings, Ammy, gloves, should have CD, 12 (drop the LoH from your ammy and weapon, it's not needed with proper skill selection), 14 (need more STR), 16 (get 200+ str on ammy, get str on gloves, drop litany). Hope this helps, it's far too involved to explain every little detail of why a specific gear choice is wrong.

@rahl - I love a challenge! I think we get you pretty darn close to 100k DPS, if not right to it, and address some of your AR/armor/vit issues for 20m. How you doing with 40k HP and 5.9k armor in inferno? That's gotta be scary. We need to make you less squishy. Find me in game! I can tackle this soon.

@Rohml - I've never seen such a defensively geared 2h build (66k HP, 550+ AR, 1700 vit, 8.6k armor, and only 35k DPS). To answer your questions, yeah LoH isn't really useful for 2h barbs. That ammy needs to go. You are also making quite a few other common mistakes (refer to the OP): 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15 (too much Vit especially), 16. Do you want my help gearing? Find me in game!
3M budget to get 1 or 2 upgrades. Think you can do it, I won't be on until next week though.
Hey Rezic,
I keep on missing you in game.
I logged on yesterday as you were help Purr to regear but was away on family emergency at that time.
Do you think we can get together tonight? Will you be on from 8pm-9:30 pm CST? I'll get off work and should be online from at 5pm-6:30pm PST.

Again 12Mil budget, keep or increase current suvivability and up DPS by alot? should be doable right? ;)
@Murchinat0r - Yes! Find me in game!

@QHTran - Sorry about yesterday! Yes, let's absolutely connect tonight. I will be on after 8PM CST. It's always an estimate time, because it depends when my wife and I are done with the kids. Yes! Doable for 12m!!
I have more or less about a 1mil budget. I'm hoping i can achieve closer to my goal of 100k health and dps, with survivability and im not exptecting it all at once.. even if it means 1 mill a piece of gear.. brand new belt is a must, and i know i have more than enough RA on most of my items.. my build is built off of CHC and was hoping to keep that as high as possible and + survivability/dps/health. let me know. oh im going for a Rend/Weapon Throw Build becasue WW isnt my kind of build and its too expensive lol. thanks ahead of time.
Hey Rezic, I need to upgrade so that I can run thru inferno, without dying a hundred times. My budget is 20 mil. I sent you a friend request.

Lemme no what you can do, thanks!
@Rezic I'll be on sunday and monday, will contact you then! Thanks!!

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