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Im going to say a new chest, and or pants.

Amazing gear man. Maybe a little more armor and health would serve you well, but I don't see any problems with your gear :)

Excellent gear, I'd say you could upgrade bracers and belt. Also a higher DPS 1h weapon is always good! But not bad at all!

PS Maybe the right hand ring as well!

Really need some CC on your amulet, esp since your running the ET/CM build. Probably could swap out the wand for another with >5APoC.

Source little low damage, and not really providing too much more then another yellow source besides +1% CC and higher INT. Might want to consider changing.

Super low Hp bud, should definately try to bump this up. You already have a VIT gem in your socket as well and your sitting in the low 20s for HP.

Nice INT value though.
Good stuff but i think your bracers could improve, or your weapon.
^ Bracers + Weapon were my budget buys just doing the job for now.

No love for the weapon is common concensus though haha thanks for fb guys
@Boozor should try to upgrade ur belt soon

Awesome gear man. Consider getting a weapon with lifesteal for 1.05? I hear the reflect mobs are ridic.
Thanks for the tips. Im definitely looking into buying a new wand asap (I found this one listed for 1.8M buyout on AH and I couldn't resist I just had to get it). I have about a 25m budget for a wep now, so I should be able to get a better one hopefully. Next on the list is definitely witching hour belt, but it's rediculously expensive so I don't know when I will be able to afford that. I'm just using this source because a friend found it as a drop when I was farming with him and he let me have it.

@Audi, Nothing to upgrade, best wiz on US server I'm betting :)
@Sorc, yeah new weapon, but I would say Source with higher damage is important as well.
@Rank, Weapon with higher DPS or better amy
TheSorcGod - get neck w/ some Crit Chance too, get int on rings, fairly decent upgrades at 1mil if shopped wisely
@Chao, Higher Int, Higher Vit on the Shoulders, Socket in the helm.
pants. low armor, not very good res
10/01/2012 02:08 PMPosted by Jars
pants. low armor, not very good res


Love the wand, but hate to say the vile ward can be upgraded. Probably trifecta glove in future as well.

10/01/2012 01:06 PMPosted by AudiR8GT
@Boozor should try to upgrade ur belt soon

Thx for the heads up, been looking, got mine @ a steal, upgrading will be expensive unless i want a random barb stat on it :)
Quick question. Im looking to get a zunis marrow. Which stats would you rather have? 350 armor & 200 life regen or 120 vitality. Consider the int and AR to be the same.
The wizard community rules. Jars I don't know what to recommend. You can probably start to upgrade your topazes or swap out your rare ring for more crit damage and attack speed.

My gear sucks but the poster, please let me know what will give me the best bang for my buck. I'm broke and can't find good drops.
I have a budget of 60mil as of now I also have firewalker boots just not equipped, I'm an archon wizard any suggestions on gear for me and are archon builds still gonna work in 1.05 or should I change build now?
@Tripe, new source or chest would be nice.

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