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They're even nerfing the forum game. Dayum!
09/27/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Shankroid
So I have to make a post to see my posts?
This is such a stupid and inconvenient change. Why go forward when one can go backward -_-??!
No contribution. Just wanted to find my other posts...
My favorite part about this change is that NO ONE likes it, and after a Blue announcing the change, they conveniently NEVER come back to the thread to reply.

When no one likes a change, does that mean it should go back? Not always, but at least offer us some insight. Perhaps an understanding of the reason behind the change would help us be more acceptable of this (and many other) changes. But no. Blizzard apparently put out a "stay away from responding to posters" warning to all Blues, lol
This proves two things about the community.

1) They will complain about absolutely anything.
2) They will complain without even fully understanding it.

An excellent case study.

Another interesting case study... moron tries to make a post so he can sound smart only to demonstrate his idiocy to the world.

Fact: finding our own posts use to be fast and easily accessible from anywhere in the forum whether we were in a thread or not.

Fact: with the new change, it now takes 1 or 2 steps extra to accomplish the same thing with no improved functionality anywhere else.

Fact: making something worse than it was before without any other gained benefit is brain dead stupid. AKA, Blizzard stupid. Much like your post.
Stupid blizzard.
Come on... So we need to search our own posts to find our own posts???

You can also scroll down where you can reply and hit drop down arrow there. But why not on top anymore? Was this a joke? Who's idea was that lol?

Exactly! What a stupid feature! :D
10/04/2012 01:56 PMPosted by shiggity
Stupid blizzard.

+1 ^^
Without reading through 11 pages of thread: is there a legit reason it was removed from "right next to my login name at the top of every page"? I really have to go find a thread I participated in to see a list of the threads I've participated in?

edit: don't bother responding to me, I can't find the old link to the threads I've participated in so will likely miss the reply. Not that software can do things like "give me a list of threads I've participated in AND have new replies" ...

/me shakes fist.
oh ok.
This change was only made to the D3 forums. SC2 and WOW still have the button in the upper right. I have no idea why this change was made.
Pretty amazing that with all the bad comments, they stick to it! They should just revert back, it would not take hours!

This would free up that thread from being sticky at the top and everyone could move on and discuss more serious issue.

Il y a des choses parfois qui me dépassent...
this is an amazingly bad change. Can Blizz please explain why they thought this change was necessary in the first place?
I just wanted to reiterate that this forum change is the most retarded idea I've ever come across.

It is so bad that it has dissuaded me from even bother searching for my posts altogether.

You're forcing us to manually find our own most recent post, in order to find our other posts?

Think about the logic behind that...
This change is absolutely genius like the Wizard changes in 1.0.5.

Working as intended. Thanks Blizzard.

Hey guys, they just wanna make this fuction less accessible or troblesome to stop people posting complaining threadsm or to follow your complaining post.
11 pages and still no blue response as to why? This was driving me nuts for days...The ONLY reason I ever clicked near my name was to look @ my previous posts...I don't need to see my profile, I know what gear I have on. You literally took out the ONLY thing that was useful in that stupid drop down menu.
09/27/2012 11:47 AMPosted by blindv
Actually - lmao - I just realised she means the downarrow at the bottom of the page where you "reply to thread" -- This isn't that bad!

This was actually more informative and helpful than the official explanation (That's blizzard for you nowadays...).
Thank you!

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