Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

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I wrote this up for Falconkaji#1751 and it said we'd reached the limit, so I'm starting this here:

You're plenty tanky enough-- so yeah you could handle losing some defensive stats in order to kill things faster.

You'll die less to trash-- you won't be able to kill elite packs with your dps within your serenity duration, but you can do some damage and get out of the really scary ones while you wait for cooldowns and kite with deadly reach.

Also, your ring has a socket without a gem in it. You've probably fixed that, but that's what your profile is showing right now.

Your gloves would be a cheap upgrade. Get something with some crit chance in addition to attack speed. I wouldn't worry about crit damage until you have over 20% or so. You could get an amulet upgrade with attack speed and crit for less than a million. Or crit/crit if you're not set on attack speed(I like it as a stat and have it on a lot of slots).
GG dps pys 8/10 ! But yeh work on resis. U also have zero sustain would be annoying kiting between cool downs. 1.05 move away from that and work on your sustain to farm effectively come monster level 6-10.
@Taross, your gear looks good for a Regen/LOH build, only thing I would suggest is to increase DPS with more dex and CD%. Just my two cents :)
Everything fits well except for the helm...You are losing resists with the poison, but other then that looks good.
Shoulders have no dex.
whatcha think? been busting my butt!
09/30/2012 03:32 PMPosted by Taross
GG dps pys 8/10 ! But yeh work on resis. U also have zero sustain would be annoying kiting between cool downs. 1.05 move away from that and work on your sustain to farm effectively come monster level 6-10.

I have like 110 life per spirit spent. Between that and health globes, things are good.

I've already picked up a different weaponset(lower dps) with more life on hit and lifesteal if the STI nerf stays as heavy as it is.
09/30/2012 04:23 PMPosted by GreyGoose
whatcha think? been busting my butt!

I like it, i have high life % too. Looks like a nice even build.
@Falcon from the last thread

Your resistances and armor level is certainly enough for 1.0.4, the problem is you have no sustainability, you'll want to pick up some LoH on your amulet/rings, some life regen, or even some lpss on the helm/weaps with transcendence.

You could go tankier by getting +armor and dual res gear, but I'd suggest upgrading your attack speed on both rings, and looking into getting crit gear.


Overall solid monk. Your chest piece is probably the weakest, and you should look there for the next upgrade (more dex/vit/res or life%)
What about mine?


I'm still pretty noob at gearing out my Monk, all I've pretty much been maxing are primarily dex and vit everything else is just a perk

Any advice for what types of gear I should purchase [on the cheap, if possible; 3 mil gold so far :( ]? Starting to have trouble in Act 2 Inferno..
I would love suggestions about mine. I still can't take on any elites solo and mostly just trying to see what the best builds are.
You really need more crit chance on rings, your gloves and your super low on resists. phys and fire resists are kinda expensive right now. cold arcane and poison armors could be gotten on the cheap.
your build is all over the place. if youre going with 2 spirit generators use combination strike

Hi there, you've got good HP, dex, and armor. I would focus on pieces that will up your damage, like crit chance and crit damage. Rings and amulets are good for that.

I noticed you're rolling without a mantra...definitely have a slot for mantra. Maybe think about the rest of your skills set, too. You have a lot of offensive. I like BoH and serenity for my monk. And cyclone strike might not be a great idea with low damage (pulling all enemies toward you), but you do have good armor and life, so maybe it works well for you.

I hope something of this helps...still trying to badassify my own monk. :)

Can i get rated please?

hey, you have some really nice stats and gears with a pretty good resist. only thing is that 0 life sustain, and that dreadful 7% extra dmg from andariel's visage would hurt you bad wouldnt it? get some LoH perhaps?

Your monk is great. If anything, you could upgrade your rings to include more dex, and maybe up your HP, unless you're surviving well as is.

Sorry I missed you when rating earlier.


Your all resist number is impressive, freeing up the passive slot for OWE is key. I like that but your overall survivability is poor. Needs much more life on hit with such a low damage number.

not a big fan of ur main hand, glove is weak, everything else looks fine

to the person that will be rating me, i ditched my ammy and both rings for new patch, using filler atm

From what I can see (and know) that's pretty amazing. I only wish mine would compare as favorably.

you should really get to lvl 60 first before you get rated.

other than that you should aim to go AH and guy some good items and get a helm with socket so you can put a ruby on it so you can level faster.

rate me thanks!!

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