Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

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you have strange gear, some is quite nice and some is (well bad...)
get a helm with a socket , 6% is nice , but you can find something reasonably priced with 5% crit that will serve you much better
amulet is OK, but look for attack speed
same for rings, look for atk speed with crit change.
your wearing a pretty decent barb belt . Sell it and use the money to buy a better monk belt
Ditch the MF pants, imo.
Nice, strong setup. My build is quite similar but you have more critical hit damage and you use SSS. I always wonder how viable to use SSS instead of Blinding Light. I tried it and failed miserably. Maybe you can help.. Again nice monk build here!
Standard power houses Monk build very nice and very powerful. Cost lots gold too ;)

Only thing I can really see is look for a decent Echoing Fury to replace your offhand. The + attacks is really nice even on a mediocre dps EF. Make sure it has crit dmg or ideally a socket. Bonus would socket + life steal or innate crit dmg.

You should first put a gem on your left ring xD, then i would reccmon to look some with atspeed

your dps its not that high to have LS, maybe LOH would be better till you rise it over 100k

And firstry try to upgrade the CD gem on your weapong and look foward to have 2 weapons with socket
@vortic Get some Life Steal % on your Main Hand and some socketed Legs, Helm and Chest. Otherwise minor upgrades on everything else

Was a ring I was messing with between my other one. Hadn't made a gem to put in it yet because I'm not sure how I feel about. It's a 7% AS and 3% CC. Also have lacuni prowlers which I'm a bit skeptical on using since they have no CC.

Thanks for the input. Anybody have more for me?
The weapon can easily be replaced with higher LoH, higher dps and socket/higher crit for less than 30mil.

At this point in time it cannot, these weapon types have huge b/outs on them, you did well to get 2 for under 30 mill

Yea you gotta look for bargains, I bought the axe in my main hand 2 days ago for 20mil buyout. : )

@ ethanol (these replies to previous posts skip people and it's kinda annoying to person skipped, since it has happened to me many times Lol) So I'm gonna make a comment too about person above.

Your setup is really nice. Good dps. I would probably get slightly more HP, whether that's through more vit or % life items. The Innas set is gas, but often doesn't have vit roll, so that's the shortfall. I like MoC overawe, but I suppose submission is better if you kite a fair bit. Personal choice depending on playstyle.

I would suggest some IAS gear. It actually increases your damage a lot, becaus it also adds crit chance. For example, if you have 30% crit chance, and you get 10% IAS, that's actually an extra 3% crit chance bonus. So replacing a 3% crit ring with a 9% IAS ring will actually inc your dps (through attack speed) and increase Loh, without sacrificing crit chance at all!

BWT, i like the echoing fury, I really want one but can't affors one with lifesteal or Loh at the moment. : (

Nice tank monk! That sure is a lot of +life%. I'd say to get some crit chance/damage on your rings, and get a helm with +FoT for further upgrades.
A strong monk! all is ok. but might as well increase your CDandCC. /gg

Nice monk. I like that you have a few different forms of sustain with lpss, life regen and LoH. If you added LS you would have it all :) I imagine you dont have any issues with keeping your HP pretty full, but if you did after the patch, I assume you could probably use transcendance for the extra lpss, but I'm sure you're already well aware of that. If I could make a suggestion or two (and these are just being a little picky) you could gain some dps by adding crit damage to some items. Also, you have a nice chest piece, but you could always upgrade to one with 3 OS, if you have the fundings. Overall I would say about 9/10. Good stuff
Nice, your dps is in the same range as mine and our gear has alot of similarities, double nats must have been expensive, however as I see it your survivability must be a little on the low end, but for now it should suffice. 8/10

I don't know much about the 2h build, but I would say it looks pretty good. I tried it, but just didnt care for the slow attack speed. If anything, I would suggesst adding some CC, since you have crit damage for days :) Also, your resists might be a little low, but I could be wrong as well...wouldnt be the first time. Well done

Yeah, the set wasnt cheap, but if you keep an eye out in the AH like I did, you can find some "deals", it just takes time. The added CC is very nice. As for survivability, I do just fine for now, especially farming with 34% MS. I imagine after the patch drops, I'll sacrifice some DPS and change some gems for more vit. As it is now, I very rarely die on a run, mostly because I can kill things before I get killed. I still get gibbed every now and then, but !@#$ happens.

As for your monk, I definitely like the build, as you said its very similar. I like that you have more resist and vit on yours though, so kudos on that. Plus, I love your mh ring. Very nice. 9/10 my friend
2hand is cool. Break beneath the endless tide!
yeah im planning to change my rings. but thinking to wait for 1.05 to launch before changing rings
Opinions appreciated!
Opinions appreciated!

ammy needs upgrade
Rate me pls! ty guys!

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