Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

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can you rate my monk please thanks :)
JCA31, bro, your monk needs alot more cd, it's too low at the moment, crank up that cd and you can ru act3 solo, i swear you cant run act3 solo right now.4/10

Your monk looks pretty solid. I can't really speak about 2h, I hated how slow it was when I tested it, but I also didn't have a good 2h. It looks like, to me, that the biggest upgrade would be to get at least 2 piece inna's (Chest and helm, but pants would be nice too for IAS and movement speed). The problem with this is that you'd have to move at least some of your resistances to other pieces to maintain the same survivability.
Rate me
rate me please
HI I would like to play my monk in 1.05 and would be greatful for any upgrade suggestions
Thanks in advance
@YoyoZ A fellow Combination Strike user! I like it. Your dps is obviously very good and you look like you don't need any advice, but since you asked for it, I would upgrade your shoulders and belt next. Try to get higher dex on both, and some life regen, or a Witching Hour and Vile Ward.
@ Brandson

Holy IAS batman. Gear is soo good. AR would be nice though!
not bad gear; better than mine. I'm pretty sure your next upgrade would be inna's pants
@ Mountains - you might want to change your occulus ring in favour of somehting with some attack speed and crit chance (with dex, res etc), other than theres innas pants which im sure is something you are already going for. Solid build so far :)
One of these days I will have Witching Hour buuuut very nice build...whoever is next be kind!! I need some work putting things together...

I'm sure you already have in mind to synchronise your res :) The gloves might be a good place to begin, since it only has 4% crit chance. Belt, bracers and ammy would be easy upgrades too in terms of dex (more cc for bracers and ammy). All the best!
10/06/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Youknowwho
One of these days I will have Witching Hour buuuut very nice build...whoever is next be kind!! I need some work putting things together...

you need some move speed son.
Fayte totally skipped me -.-
Mr.tang; nice monk bro, add some cc cd ang ias to see some boost in your dps

Nice looking monk! Though, you do need more crit chance. You've lost out approx 9 cc from helm and bracers alone, and so try not to skimp on any on your rings and gloves. If you're looking for more dps, get more CD on your weapons as well. You've only got 80% CD from a potential 400% CD from the two weapon slots, and hence the low-ish dps compared to others.

P/S: Please don't skip the monk above me :)
@Chock. you know and i know you're quite the end game built already, used to have a WKL as OH too but can't resist the 6k dps upgrade from current sword. I dont know if you'll have trouble with your resist prolly not. nice witching hour (Damn x to get one). What we want now is maybe more sustainability for impending 1.05 =)
if i have to point out the weakest link, maybe a glove with 200dex xVit 9%IAS 9CC would be more ideal for you atm.

decent monk u got there, i'd suggest getting some loh/ls on ur weaps for the 1.05 mp stuff,
i went from pure glass cannon 145k dps 400res 29k hp to where im at now, regearing sucks zz =(

Yeah but youre monk is beast now haha i would try to upgrade maybe shoulders to vile ward or gloves to a cd/cc/as/dex/vit set but i know how expensive those are :P

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