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I've taken a lot of time to reflect on the game in it's current state, and feel I've put in an abundant amount of time and energy in to garner some scrutiny to what I'm about to share with you. My experience, and hopefully insight, I hope, will make this a popular thread. For those that take the time to read this in its entirely, please weigh in!

A little bit about myself... I have a B.A.S. in Digital Animation and Game Design, and now teach within the program I graduated from years ago as an adjunct professor. I work primarily at a studio creating CG renderings and animations. I have been an avid gamer since a small child, and have gained a true passion in the gaming world. I consider myself heavily involved in the gaming industry, day to day through both work and play.

I've been compiling ideas of my own, that I believe, will add longevity and spark to Diablo 3. I am not seeking credit for these ideas, only consideration. My goal is to gain traction with you the gamer and Blizzard by starting a creative thread such as this and being heard. It has always been a pleasure in the Diablo series, and I wish only to express some thoughts to bring Diablo 3 to another epic and memorable title. While they're on the right track with the latest patch installments and changes, they're not quite there yet...

I think these suggestions will add some much needed debate and give some food for thought and fuel open discussion. These are in no particular order, only pulled from the outline I've documented in my spare time. So without further ado, here we go!

Head Collector NPC:

As you venture out in the world, you encounter numerous rare and elite packs. The game does a great job of keeping track of your kills through your profile. The idea here, is to create a currency with the heads of the fallen elite. The Head Collector offers you a chest in return for a fixed number of heads based on your difficulty setting. This chest would reward you a randomly generated legendary item. For example, a lower difficulty level (normal) would generate a low level item potentially useful for your low level character. This adds some longevity to high end characters, and gives them another goal to work toward outside of earning paragon levels. Especially to those players already at level 100. This can also assist newly created characters to be powerful enough to play at monster power level 10 on normal mode if they so choose.

Paragon Bonus and Paragon Points:

It's a long road to 100 on one character... doing it on multiple characters looks extremely daunting and discouraging to do on new characters. Perhaps your level 60 Demon Hunter has reached Paragon level 100, and wants to switch over to a Witch Doctor. Well, said Demon Hunter should get an experience bonus to Paragon leveling on that Witch Doctor (maybe 50%?) for every character they have at max level.

On another note, an additional incentive to Paragon leveling outside of bonus magic find, gold find, and character sheet stats, is, granting 1 skill point per 10 levels gained... these points can be used to augment your skills further. I'll use my Barbarian as an example here...
IF I want to increase the damage of my Whirlwind ability, each point I spend adds 5% more weapon damage to the skill. 10 points maximum. I think something along the lines of this could potentially add more to that "Build Diversity" Blizzard is trying to achieve.

Magic/Gold Find Bonus in Public Games:

The monster power settings is fantastic, and so is the reward that goes with playing on a higher difficulty, however I am noticing one major flaw with this... why play with your friends at all if I'm only going to see this bonus playing by myself? Simple solution here... Magic Find and Gold find should scale up roughly 33% per additional player (Up to 100%) for multiplayer public games. This promotes the players to continue playing with their friends or joining games.


I'm still not sure how PvP is going to be handled once it's released, but I do hope that it is not limited to only Arena style game play. Some of the greatest memories I have from Diablo 2 was joining a public based PvP game and just battling out for hours on end. Allow the creation of public games, but have a select-able check box that you can tick on to indicate that the game created will be PvP based. Blizzard should have no issue creating two tabs in the user interface when you click on public games that allows you to choose PvE or PvP.

In the game world, events can spawn based on the quest awarded that add objectives the PvPers in game. Some of the NPCs in each act can offer a quest that all players must agree to accepting, (much like before you enter a boss fight) that perhaps... have you retrieve an item lost in the Festering Woods. Maybe you have to defend a specific location for X amount of time, and progress is earned by each player for the number of kills they obtain and time spent defending that area while fending off waves of monsters. Thought starters really... This area can be populated with thousands of great ideas.

Starting from Scratch:

If you choose to play an act from start to finish, the end reward from the end boss should be increased to compensate. Many players now choose farming paths, and areas where they feel is the most efficient way to farm for legendary drops, most of the time ignoring the act end boss completely. If you play the act through its entirety and reach the end boss with 5 stacks of Nephelem Valor and defeat them, perhaps the drop rate for a Legendary should be somewhere around 5-10%, maybe more... this is easily up for debate.

Concern over Saturation of Legendary Items:

I don't believe that an overall increase in Legendary item drop rates or reward will cause a major flood in the market, if anything, people will still be seeking that perfectly rolled item, and those will be the items that stand out and are highly sought. Legendary items that don't fulfill the wishlist of another can still be broken down and used to create more legendary items through the blacksmith. This will help promote further use of the blacksmith and offer a larger gold sink than what is currently available.

Crafting Proc:

Touching on the Blacksmith a little bit and to build off of the above topic... adding a small chance to learn a rare or legendary pattern through the continual use of the Blacksmith would be a welcome change.

Side Quests:

Much like the infernal machine side quest that will allow you to open portals to fight Uber bosses, the creation of a side quest that allows you to collect rare drops that can be crafted together by the Jewelcrafter and Blacksmith that can award a class specific item that can be placed in your inventory. This Charm, Token, Trinket, whatever you wish to call it, could award anything from increased stats, gold find, bonus damage against undead and demons, movement speed, ect. The quest could be obtained as a rare drop, and potentially sell-able on the Auction House. this could be considered your Epic Class Specific Quest.

Critical Hit Damage:

After reading confirmation that rings and amulets are going to allow much higher amounts of critical hit damage, I think some arguments could be made to impose a hard or soft cap (maybe around 500%). Right now, I feel that Critical Hit Damage is way too imperative and sought out for, specifically on weapons. Especially for the overall improvement of damage for your character. It has also made it THE stat to socket every weapon with, which makes all other gems a non factor in the decision making process. If some form of cap was in place, this could add more variety and balance in gear choice, and make many items that were not attractive, much more attractive. Maybe the Ruby adds far more damage than it currently does to help it compete, or the Topaz adds more attack speed. Right now, there is one clear choice to socket your weapon with, this should not be. How is critical hit damage going to work in PvP? I've heard many players express their concerns over this... Will you be enforcing some form of reduction to it against players? On the other hand... maybe while flagged for PvP, you gain a significant boost to your total health. We'll soon find out...


There's quite a bit to chew on here, and again, I wanted to create this thread to fuel some debate and ideas. While I would love to gain some attention from the developers and have them implement or consider a few of these ideas, I'm curious to hear all of your thoughts. The game is on the right path, and I enjoy playing it immensely, and wish to continue doing so... However, I know where we are at today with capability and technology, and Diablo 3 can be so much more.

These aren't bad ideas, but the biggest problem here is itemization.

The endgame centers on it (and always had in the Diablo series)

Itemization is this game's biggest bugaboo. It fails to scale appropriately according to characters' baseline power level. It curves exponentially at 60, and immediately destroys the validity or value of any item that is not at the very tip-top end.

These are the items that are needed to feel powerful, and once you feel powerful....well that's it. There is no next level.

Take a look at some guides for D2..... look at the gear they suggest using to make a build work at the highest difficulty setting....then look at the level of that gear. You will note that it is all mid-level gear. In D2 you could make a build from only sub lvl 45 items, and be incredibly efficient at farming Hell. Sure there were other super-rare items and runes out there, but that is what kept you playing. D3 missed this entirely.
I agree that itemization is in a rough state right now, I think there's a lot that will be remedied with that come the 1.0.5 patch. Playing around on the PTR, I was noticing quite an improvement overall in the number of affixes that were rolling and the quality of gear seemed to be much higher in less play time.
I may need to move this post somewhere else, any suggestions?
good ideas, but dont forget the biggest improvement for diablo 3:
a ladder-system!
something like that:
A fresh thread of new ideas. Great to see. I don't agree with a few but still, keep them coming.

Pvp, thats a whole new game! There will be a lot of issues with it for sure. Frankly I won't be joining in. Any game that involves leveling up and finding gear is always horrible pvp (to me). I play Teamfort2 for my pvp fix.
Great ideas Nefarious!

I agree deeply about using NPCs as part of solution to improve game quests diversity.

My suggestion come beside the idea of turning craftsman more useful. The merchants should sell rare items with ilvl 60~63 sometimes.
I especially like the "Head Collector NPC" feels like a good way to lvl up my paragon and items. This gives a sense of satisfaction and progress from some people that can't farm 18hrs a day and want to get some legendary items :) But i think the heads should be soul bound, including the item that you get to prevent the market from being flooded.
It would be nice to run across those random merchants in inferno and have a randomly generated 58-63 rare on them available for purchase. Would be a minor improvement!
Would be interesting to see a blue respond to this thread.

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