Worst Item On Monk Above You!

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53+k life and amethyst in your temperance? Might I inquire as to why

53+k life and amethyst in your temperance? Might I inquire as to why

I should probably stop doing that.. I tend to duo mp10 ubers so it does help against maghda/king fight.

ps. That's a tal chest, not temperance. edit: nevermind >_<
pps. You had 2x amethyst in your pants (temperance) [in before thats what she said] your tals had three emeralds! :)
Ah sorry. I must have changed that so confused myself.
We can still be friends!
this outta be good would love to know which item is my worst atm
Your gloves can easily be improved. The vit is really insignificant on them. Your inna's helm can easily be improved if you get rid of the GF.

stop trolling....no gear and lvl 1

In my opinion tyour witching hour could be better,,,,needs more dex....your gloves might be an option as aiming for trifecta....with keeping the same IAS and maybe 8 percent crit at the least....but the witching hour is your item outside of your hellfire which could use a better roll.

Bracers or gloves. I don't know which one is worse.

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@Grimlek, he wasn't trolling his profile is here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/hampster-1586/hero/19141839

As the fellow above me stated, your gloves & bracers, why different resists, doesn't make much sense!

@Macen, is that your xp farming gear or what you always use?

Well i farm more xp recently than normal until i'll manage to get a good weapon. Also your opinions on that farm gear would help :)

Well your gear seem ok, but definitely bracers. You can do better.

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pretty much everything, too low of a level to consider one the worst :P
@ Durpabiscuit

Bracers with no Dex?
Just throw it away.
very nice monk twins.
biggest upgrade would be to switch nats helm and innas belt for innas helm and witching hour

pretty much everything, too low of a level to consider one the worst :P

I don't play on the us but linked the char. guess it's too hard to look at it or read the above posts ....


the shield... get rid of it and get a decent off-hand like WKL or EF

my link to profile since i don't play on the us

P.S. this is the farm gear.

i'd say get dexterity on your amulet.... i don't like your hellfire ring at all and you should get a radiance with 6.0% CC

still some other things to work on tho

I'd have to go with your rare ring Destiny Slayer as the worst item.

Convert it to a Nat's ring and get Nat's boots for your boots for extra movement speed and to get the Nat set 7% crit!

Nat's pieces need upgraded. Maybe a neck.
@ Narcolepsy

I have no room to talk but it seems like your shield could offer more. In the way of losing the STR and opting for something more useful.

To anyone looking at mine, prepare yourself :)

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