Worst Item On Monk Above You!

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Very very nice monk. Probably the hellfire ring (even if I have tried so hard to get one with CC myself...)
@Fiberbeam maybe i would try to get a neck with a bit more stats other then that seems well balanced =)

All your items are top tier with slightly lower rolls to keep them affordable. Hard to say even your HF is solid but if I had to call it out I would say the Reflection with an armor roll and cold roll and 8 IAS you can do better. I was thinking the ammy but man 300+ Dex and almost 300 vit plus cd and cc even though its 7.5 just beats out the Reflection.

EDIT: Unsure why EF was on there typo but yes your in the same boat as I, where we are basically upgrading the same item with better rolls. I would recommend look into a new Reflection with at least 2 DPS rolls or an Ammy if you can find one that eclipses the one you have currently for a decent price.

EDIT 2: By the way H00K and I were curious who won that EF 1300+ with 700+ LOH as we both saw it on the AH and were tempted to bid on it a few weeks ago. Excellent buy!
So Captain are you saying that i should look arround for 2 new rings or new Mainhand and new Nat ring?

Thanks for clarification , i agree with you and yea that amy was also in prevision of the upcomming pvp for the high dodge , dps and life also life regen who would be a sweet pvp stats... this is also why i hunted a nice EF that could be good in pve and pvp w/o beeing the best in one or the other. But i will definitly hunt a better Nat reflec

Worst are probably that Nats ring, should get avg dmg on that at least.

Not too convinced by your Inna's pants either, probably a high vit version would do better, but then again having AR pants and low cold res means you can switch out OWE whenever the situation calls and still have 500 AR!

Vile wards, or bracers.
@ Enot

Helm, chest ,gloves, bracers, pants axe both rings, for sure that amy , the belt its kind of crap and on the end you have to change that WKL and the boots too boots ( kidding )

perfect gear
@ CharlesDur

Considering the rest of your gear I'm surprised at how lackluster your neck is. You're already bathing in HP so drop the vit/FR on it and go for 30% more CD or IAS and some nice average damage. Aside from that, good Monk Bro.

Shoulders for sure. Nice gear overall, looks like a nice balance.
@yoshiki your left ring ... lol
@SlyLeSchizo, i would get rid of your bracers and maybe get the lacuni? the drop in 9% Life will not make much of a difference for you seeming you already have high VIT @ 48K :)
I swear to god I always get skipped in these "poster above you" threads, lol. Anyway...

@asanthade... I honestly don't have a single piece that I see as "worst." Most of you gear is better than mine to be sure, haha. But overall your defences seem pretty low compared to offensive stats like IAS and CC/CD. But I know getting all that on the same items is ungodly expensive. maybe the bracers or legs is a good place to start though!

Fulfilling your dream.

Mh, Shoulders and Head could all use work. Can find a similar MH with LS or CD, (maybe both, even lower dps the CD will make up for it).

Shoulders instead of str vit.

Head int roll is wasted, get perfect crit.
@ Enot

The worst item on you is located between the chair and the keyboard.


I'm gonna go on a limb and say the Witching Hour. Great stats but that's one that you may be able to get a small bump on.

Looks good to me.

looks good to .... aw dammit, you already did it to the guy above you!

It's kind of a cop out but I'd say it's your HF ring. Although I see you are in TR gear, so I don't know if that's what you wear all of the time.

It's kind of a cop out but I'd say it's your HF ring. Although I see you are in TR gear, so I don't know if that's what you wear all of the time.

actually no, none of it except the amulet and bracers is my regular stuff... was just trying to poke fun at narcolepsy!
@Kilyas Id suggest Wiching Hour over Innas Favor, and maybe a max crit on Innas Radiance. Honestly your gears overall a lot better than mine so picking the few improvements the best I can :P
@Abdu First off I want to say I'm pretty high so take this however you want, haha. Personally I'm not a fan of Vile Ward, even though yours gives you some nice resistance, I still prefer grabbing a yellow that has vit instead of stacking more resist. Personally it seems like a small upgrade. The other choice to me is your amulet even though the life on hit is nice I think you could get one a little bit better. All in all good gear though.

Also, sorry about your loss in Hardcore. I just got my 58 Wiz killed the other day so seeing your dead WD kinda struck a nerve for me. ;)

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