Worst Item On Monk Above You!

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@borlog....chest piece and gems.
10/03/2012 09:31 AMPosted by Amiar
@boonz, your neck. Cmon man, where is the trifecta. L2P ;)

haha, I have 1.5 billion to spend on upgrades.....just not upgrading any jewelry until 1.05. All the currently jewelry will be garbage compared to new stuff.

Trying to find myself a sweet Life Steal Echoing Fury. 1200+ w/Dex 2.8 LS Open Socket....no luck this far.
Whelp looks like we had a flood of people who have !@#$loads of amazing gear for like the last 10 posts, lets restart with me.

Your shoulders
Definitely your belt!

everything, but id prioritize the socketless offhander.
dps means faster money means faster upgrades.

Weapons. Such sweet gear, but the weapons......

Weapons. Such sweet gear, but the weapons......

probly your ring or ammy or offhand.
my weapons are godly, I challenge you to find a better rolled sledge fist! ;D
@morionic !@#$ weapons.
@Nyanevo, HOLY Crap DAT MONK! 600k buffed dps is crazy,and dat health, and armor, TOP 30 MONK in NA server, godly already, any upgrade will cost too much and improve so little.

can i skip you? :) so hard to pick something as well.. how about trifecta rings?
@yoshiki: prolly your chest

Prolly your fist/vile ward.
Awesome monk tho!

Unity offhand ring. The damage really improves your paper doll but having more speed would be more beneficial IMO. Otherwise a nicely geared monk.

Man its hard to say cause all your gear meshes well with one another. If I had to choose something it would either be the amulet. It has nice mods and LOH but could be a bit stronger on the roll. Your nats could also use cc but thats just nit picking.

as im sure you already know you have a lot of very nice (some best in slot) gear. Hard to pick a particular piece to change as you have 3 sets working with each other.

Im quite sure your at the stage with your particular build where its a case of finding similar items with better rolls, for example the headpiece.

a Goal for anybody should be to end up with the trump card of all head pieces, the Mempo's with crit... but unless you have hundred of millions to buy the mempo's followed by more millions to alter the rest of your build to fit the set changes i suggest on the better rolled similar items.

To the point of this post i consider your inferno ring you weakest piece, but its still a nice ring.

p.s. i hate your face coz of your shenlongs ^^, i want them

No idea what your worst item is but i do know you need more cc. You have heaps of attack speed so maybe loose some of that and replace with cc?. Good luck.

Very solid gear, great ehp and sustain, only dps can be improved a lot. I'm a big fan of shields and yours is very nice but with as much ls/loh/res/hp as you have I really think you should drop it for a decent double crit weapon to boost your dps by around 30k. You can get another 20k+ from upgrading your ammy.

Oh, and switch mantra to moc-overawe and switch sixth sense to anything useful, probably guided strike for a little dps boost, especially if you would lose some crit chance from dropping shield.

edit: alternatively, your weakest item are probably the lacunis and the chest armor. Rare chest armor are very cheap nowadays and you can probably find a better one than you have, with +radius, so you can drop lacunis for some rare bracers as well (the movement speed is redundant already and it looks like you're sticking to it just for the +radius)
I always end up killing these threads :(

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